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Leather & Lace...

I've said before that Friday nights are my 'want to stay on the sofa and close the curtains' nights...I avoid plans at all costs (mainly due to the inconsolable dark bags under my eyes!) however, a surprise 4.0. has been in the diary for some time and last night, was the night! 

From the second I stepped in the front door after work the pressure was on...It felt like one whirlwind movement; Shower/make-up/hair/try not to get too hot in the ridiculous humidity that creates unwanted face sweats/hair frizz khaos whilst, still looking fresh as a daisy, all in 50 minutes! The fact that the arrival at our beautiful birthday girls house was strictly timed meant, there was absolutely NO room for slippage!

Of course, I had my outfit planned (you know by now I could never leave that to even a minimum of 2 days before!)...

As we left home I squeezed in 30 seconds to get some blog shots...Although there was some gorgeous early evening sunshine for my pics, I hadn't banked on the hurricane like 'breeze' that picked up as the camera was poised to go...TRIFFIC!

The Outfit...;

This is not a back-combed unfortunate gust of wind created the 90's raise!
The detail up close...

(P)Leather peplum top - Zara. I picked this up in January and took the tag off yesterday!! There just hadn't been the 'right' occasion...

Lace Skirt - Zara... Again, an old faithful that also works dressed down.

Belt - ASOS. I picked this up at Christmas and although I spotted it in a 'sale email', it's gone... buy similar here.

Heels - ASOS... You know these well, right? 

Clutch - Topshop. A verrrry old snakeskin print clutch I picked up in the sale!

Blazer - (SPOT THE ERROR) I did have a white blazer with me and, even on at points (not the cropped white tux Mango one featured here, I have two*...) however, in the previously mentioned 'get out the door' whirlwind, didn't get a picture!

*They are soooo different!

Back to the surprise...The beautiful Sandy turned 40 in the week, a cunning and perfectly executed plan saw us all descending on her at the same time last night..SUUUURRRPPPRRRIIISSSSEEE..;

Left to right;

Claire - 8 and a half months preggers (!!!) Wearing ASOS Maternity, killer heels and a statement necklace. Claire seriously sets standards for looking awesome when pregnant!

Sandy - THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! Rocking a River Island dress (featured a few months ago here that I missed out on when I decided to invest!!)...MAJOR OUTFIT ENVY! Shoes from Next.

Mel - Warehouse jumpsuit, Warehouse gold cuff, Warehouse Gold statement necklace and 'the' Office red shoes! (I know everything about this outfit as we shopped together for it, more below...).

Kirstie - Dress from Next (incidentally, her hubby picked it up as a surprise for her in the week!). Shoes are nude peep toes from New Look.

Me - (You know this).

Kat - White blazer, heels and patterned pants, ALL from Primark!! Cami from New Look.

A special mention to Ad who patiently took our pics!

Mel's details up close..;

The perfectly matched nail varnish is Max Factor 'Red Carpet Glam'

Dinner was at one of the best restaurants in Bristol, San Carlos! If you ever find yourself in Bristol, it's a MUST!! The menu is extensive and the food is IN.CRED.IB.LE!!

All in all, a fantastic night that went on until the early hours this morning!!...Apologies for the pretty poor (and lack of) pictures... Less time necking bubbles, more time taking great photos would have resulted in me feeling considerably better than I do today! 



  1. The outfit Kat is wearing is lush! How do people do that??? I think I go blind in Primark because I can never see anything nice. And Mel is wearing MY outfit, well, I would like it to be.

    1. They both did indeed look gorgeous! I have the same Primark failure, major outfit envy!

      I love Mel's whole look, I couldn't carry it off, she nailed it!!

  2. I have those printed trousers from primark, an absolute steal at £9, yet to be debuted though. Love the leather and lace combo Karen, love a leather/ anything girly combo actually. Oh and I want those office shoes, red pointier are on my wish list after the blue ones and I have those ticked off, going to base a summer wedding outfit around them so I will obviously *need* them then! X

    1. I love them, I've not seen them in there even!

      Thank you, I've had both for ages and had one of those.."ohhhh that would work" moments ;-)

      I love your shoe obsession, your latest haul was incredible!! I has the blue ones on my feet and went red... it's only a matter of time before the blue join the collection!


  3. What a chic bunch of laydeez!!

    And your outfit is super-glam....loooove :)

  4. Great outfit! Love the peplum top x

    1. Thank you! I've had it ages, can't believe I've only just worn it!! X


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