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Selfridges Sale Result...

FAO The Chancellor,

With regards to the spending issues and concerns about the UK economy...I've got your back!

I thought I'd share with you how I invested in 'your' economy...To be honest, although I have had the greatest sale success of alllll time, I appreciate that half price items don't help in the grand scheme of things however, when I buy two like that!

It must have been January when I first laid my eyes on the Cecily Flower Bag (Mulberry sweet cheeks, in case you didn't know)...Anyway, I only went and picked it up for half the price (major result) in the first day of the Selfridges sale... I know that this probably isn't good for you on paper however, the amazing news is that I also invested my hard earned cash on a further bag too...(spending is definitely on the up!)

The Mulberry...

And, Michael Kors... 

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Just to finish up, I took Cecily out for welcome drinks and some food earlier, any chance you could have a word and drop the tax on champagne (the drink of choice) and cider (sunny day garden drink), I'm thinking this could mean more cash for future investments in your economy...

Much Love,



  1. I am beyond jealous of both of them! The Mulberry is an absolute beaut! Good choices!!

    Sophs xxx


    1. Thank you!! I've never had such a good result!!


  2. OhhhMyyyGoddd......shamazing choices!!

    I was going cray on Selfridges website the first day of the sale...there were some unreal bag bargains...but I've been told I'm greedy...ha!!

    As you have rightly mentioned...we're doing this shizz for the good of the economy :)


    PS Can't wait to see the red skort make an appearance!

    1. Greedy?!?! Did you reply with a Sh*t storm?!!!

      I'm made up with the skort... Should have plunged sooner!!! x

  3. I like the simplicity of the Mulberry

    1. That's the perfect description... I've justified it (after it being half price) as a classic x


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