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A Big Weekend...

Since starting blogging 5 weeks ago (what an incredible 5 weeks by the way), I have tried to get a "posting schedule" in place..loosely, but still, I've tried... 

Today's post isn't as heavily fashion based as usual, but a little for now, to be honest, this past weekend threw any chance of planning/blog writing out the window completely, mainly because it's been pretty full on...I always knew that this was going to be the case and as I've said before, planning the outfit has to happen because I don't have the time (or the patience) to be arsing around 5 minutes before I go out...actually on top of this, I have A LOT of clothes and it can be overwhelming/confusing and you end up wearing the same old stuff (which will never do! *jokes*) If you haven't read it, click here for an introduction on how I plan my clothes for occasions...There's a whole lot more to tell you too, I'll "schedule" it, I promise!

Weekend Re-Cap..;

Friday night.. 
Those that know me know I don't EVER commit to plans on a Friday night, I'm usually wiped out from the week and just wanna' bang my PJ's on and stare at the TV (reconfirming I'm comfortably in my 30's)....This Friday was an absolute one off as it was a leaving do.. thing is, I didn't really know anyone and it was in a "social hall"...My friend's boyf knocked my door and as I answered, quaffed and ready with a new layer of YSL red lips, he delivered his opening statement.."You are overdressed.." OUCH!!! A few years ago, this type of line would have shocked me to panic status but now, I figured I'd go, hold my head high (as you can at my height) and let those who felt under dressed regret their choice..(reverse psychology...?!)

OK, I took this a couple of weeks ago (yeah, I've worn it twice!!) so this shot is minus the YSL lips! 

The suit jacket (you must be getting bored of by now) was from Topshop last year, the leopard print shoes from Dune (possibly a couple of years old in fact and very similar to the latest Gucci ones, RESULT!!). The jeans were bought late last year from Zara and finally the shirt, new a couple of weeks ago from ASOS. On the's ASOS own label and amazing fabric.. it's got a double collar and gathered detail at the back. You can buy it here for just £25!

To summarise on the evening, the large bucket(s) of the only red wine they sold at the bar took the edge off it feeling like I was sat in The Phoenix Club...(those not appreciating the reference.. It was baaaad!)

6 Nations Rugby Day at Twickenham, I was awarded this for a kick ass performance at work (go me, read here!!!) It was up and out early doors to get to Richmond to meet colleagues for a couple of warm-up drinks at lunchtime ...What I hadn't planned for was the sub zero bloody temperatures that struck us again... (and the fact that when I did put my "well prepared" outfit together, I had expanded and couldn't get the jeans done up..???) 

The emergency outfit of choice...;

Comfort and warmth...I barely recognise myself sometimes..

The pants, they will be the new Primark ones from last weekends little trip (read here)..The coat, very old (borderline vintage!) from Topshop, the boots are my trusty Topshop ones (buy here) and the jumper is one of my favourite buys, also from Topshop but I can't find on line now...Soz!

There was a theme to the day...Drinks, cab to the stadium, warmly welcomed by Corporate Hospitality (with drinks), ate a fab 4 course meal (washed down with a drink or two..), watched the game, half time drinks, watched the rest of the game, WON the game (sorry French readers..), after games drinks..back to Richmond, a few drinks to finish the day off..(there would be no chance of getting them jeans done up by this point anyway!)

I think I may have had a bad steak or maybe the bread was off...I definitely felt a little unwell when I woke up on Sunday..Typically, the hotel room was hotter than the sun and my bottle of water was out of reach..(pathetic, I know)...After getting home, I pushed my sorry ass out the door to hit the road for a 5k run...usually this wouldn't be my first choice based on the previous days activities however, I had lovely friends birthday to go to celebrate and had to get my shizzle together...*signs*..Why do all social events happen at the same time??!!

Anyhoo, I had every intention of posting my outfit (maybe not the face though)  and then the birthday girl walked in looking gorgeous and after I'd asked her where EVERY item she was wearing was from, I begged her to let me post her outfit..;

Love this!!!

  • Denim shirt - Zara, available here
  • Quilted Leather jacket - Zara, last year (gutted, it's exactly what I want right now!)
  • Full skirt with black pleather feature waistband - Zara, available here
  • Mulberry Bayswater and inside the new matching purse!
  • Shoeboots - New Look, last year

The weekend round up has worn me out...I have so many amazing finds to showcase and I'm nearly out of time..I'm hoping tomorrow's hotel has WiFi, I have a huge update coming... To keep your stylish hearts racing, here's a couple of bit's I'm eyeing up for my DAY OFF on Thursday...

Yeah, a random day off in the week mainly to get my roots done..I look like I've had a reverse dip dye right now and it needs fixing! My hairdressers is conveniently located by The Bullring in Birmingham so I will make good use of the trip up there to visit the shops!

On my list..;

It's no secret how much I love a statement necklace.. £24.99 H&M - totally transforms this plain black dress..just add heels or flat sandals..

My bestie's WIWT outfit yesterday.. all new, all Topshop!

There is nothing I don't love about this whole outfit my best bud, Andrea, is wearing..The whole lot is from Topshop.. the lace top is so wearable and now, just add battered jeans/leather skirt/maxi skirt/shorts..I WANT ONE! I love everything about what my girl has done here...Massive fan of the shoes too, they'd get some serious wear!!

What's on your hit list...?

Until next time..


  1. What a mammoth post Karen! You were a busy girl this weekend. Love the way you styled the primark trousers, I got a similar pair in Next recently can't wait to get wearing them.

    1. HaHa, sorry for the delay, I think I was recovering from the biggest post ever and waaaay too much of a good weekend! Thank you, looking forward to seeing yours! x

  2. Ahh thanks bud! The skirt is a gorgeous leather, really soft so moves with you and doesn't stick out like a lampshade! The top, my thoughts exactly mate, I'm hopefully going to kick the backside out of it, tried it with my maxi too from Topshop, all good! A perfect capsule shop...ahem! The shoes were courtesy of your push on River Island (was RI?) black ones, think they look great so opted for these beauties, currently riding out the blisters tho! They'll fade but the shoe style is eternal! Ha! Like that? xxx


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