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Kid In A Sweet Shop...

Shoes... I'm a little obsessed with a shoe that's no secret and in fact, my care for said items is in the realms of super OCD...;

Yeah, they are labels...
I have a lot of shoes, mainly because I rarely throw them out, I look after them...

Shoes are usually the basis of my outfits... With the exception of my "corporate" gear which, tends to be the Monday-Friday "safe" black patent heel as standard, I tend to work out what I'm adorning my trotters with and work up... 

My new conscious endeavour to work more colour into my wardrobe has been going fairly well (that's me busting out of my comfort zone)... Sooo, on this subject, I've been thinking about investing in some colour popping shoes to re work the safe ensembles (AKA jeans, white tee, blazer)... 

This brings me to yesterday.. I had a meeting in Oxford which took me past the entrance for Bicester Village, I get to go once/twice a year and the pull was just too much!! (If you haven't, you have to go!). Basically it's rammed full of high end store outlets... Prada, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein Underwear, Paul Smith, Jack Wills and... RUPERT SANDERSON!! OK, there are loads more, these are my "must visit" if I go! Yesterday, I literally had 10 minutes to spare and since my post "Simply Shoes" I had one thing on mind, Rupert Sanderson shoes!!

It looks like a sweet shop even!

As I walked up to Rupert Sanderson my heart rate was up, no doubt..., seeing this window, it doubled..The flutter of it likely drowned out the sound of my credit card trembling I reckon..

I was greeted by 3 lovely ladies who asked if they could help, told me about offers they had on and then after I'd perused, asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for, probably the nearest I've come to a "Pretty Woman" feeling...Within a few seconds they had sussed my size and style and had a stack of boxed inspiration for me! As a side note, one of my biggest drivers is superior customer service, I totally judge a place on this (whatever their business) and I will go back and recommend based on this alone sometimes! Anyway, back to the shoes...

10 minutes later..;

That's TWO pairs.. them girls are good!

Meet Seville in Burgundy Python..
...Malone in Carmine Patent..

Colour..CHECK, classics..CHECK, have FOREVER shoes... CHHHEEEEEEECCCCKKK!!

Obviously I know I've gone classic here (they are an investment after all), I was more than spoilt for choice with incredible designs and colours and trust me, if money was no object, I'd have had 8 or 9 pairs, FACT! The girls in Rupert Sanderson certainly knew their shoes and were fab ambassadors for it too! They worked me out (in less than 5 minutes), all of the beautiful shoes they fetched out were totally me, thank the Lord for (some) willpower (and my credit card limit)!!

I'm looking forward to the weekend to start styling these babies..I mean, food shopping in Rupert Sanderson is not too much, right..?!


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