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The Start of Something Special...

The last few days have been exciting from a blogging point of view...It started in the week when I discovered a whole new community of Bloggers, South West Bloggers on Twitter, since then it's been tweet-tastic peaking with my first event last night..This weekend is all about pop up fashion previews at Cabot Circus (my local shopping Mecca), unfortunately (or fortunately if you are my Bank Manager), I just haven't the time to squeeze it in...*sad face*, last nights meet was a must though!

I had no idea what to expect, I was excited yet, a touch nervous too...I figured I would be one of the oldest there (this was true, although I didn't ID anyone for actual proof..)..I decided to drag along my lovely friend Kirstie, she loves her clothes and is very personable..(she can talk to anyone about anything..the perfect guest).. 

We exchanged texts during the day, I mean, what the hell does one wear to such an event..!?! Kirstie and I have very different styles, I love her style, I couldn't pull it off, she rocks it. This is what we opted for ..;

For me..;

FYI - I've not had a dip dye...not sure what happened with my hair here..

  • Skirt - Topshop trusty skirt that featured in 'The Submarine and The Topshop Skirt''s still in store and has been a great buy (it's currently in the washing machine getting ready for a trip to Cancun!)
  • Shoe Boots - Topshop, as featured previously too... again, a great buy.
  • Jacket - Topshop (again...I'm not under a sponsorship deal here, proof that a '30 something' can wear Topshop for the doubters out there), this is an old one, there are loads about and every girl should have at least one!
  • Belt - This was a Christmas present from Our Kid from ASOS. I have a lot of love for this belt, metal features, jewelled and spikes, it totally changes the look of an outfit and goes with so much (featured with a frock too here)..The only warning is the spikes, waist level, sharp ...after a few glasses of wine it can look like I've been self harming..All in the name of style, right..?
  • Envelope Clutch - This was from ASOS too last year.. It turns out this is now an on trend colour and it lifts an outfit - Oh yeah, I got several compliments for it last night too, the fash pack approve!

ASOS investments get an outing..

For my guest..;

She was considering a smash and grab at H&M..

  • Shoe boots - peep toe with a high back around the ankle from River Island.. they are recent but I can't find online, there are some very similar here
  • Shirt - This was a Christmas present from Zara, loads of this kinda thing around.. You don't have to dress it up, it would look good with denim shorts in the summer too..
  • Biker Jacket - New Look recently.
  • Wet Look Leggings - these are everywhere and if you don't have a pair, I highly recommend investing, I say investing, Primark do them for about £7 and honesty they can be a great fall back item and go with anything..These are from new Look..(It won't surprise you to know I have 2 pairs from Topshop..)
  • Lips and Nails - Kirstie has a trademark, she always has perfectly painted nails and colour popping lip colour..

Back to the event.. We had drinks, took photos and got to meet some great bloggers and as a 'novice' to it all, I absorbed like a sponge! I've popped my 'meet' cherry now and armed with more confidence, next time (yeah, I'm all over this now), I'm going to get to talk to more people, share thoughts and ideas! There has to be one very notable mention from those met last night, The Pulse Of Fashion blogger, Jennaay (she's Welsh, I'm not committing a typo)!

Moi, Sion & Jennaay at SWBloggers meet..

This is Jennaay's gorgeous new coat up close..;

New from Primark and self styled with the collar accessories, also from Primark!

Jennaay has been blogging for nearly a year and not only has a great style, also makes and re-works her own clothes (totally jel of this, I can barely sew a button on)! We shared ideas and I introduced her to WIWT..(which she's now joined and obsessed with). Those who missed this in previous posts, WIWT is a style sharing website where you can upload your daily look for others to see! I've been uploading since August last year and have met loads of fabulous people, I feel like I've known them for years (surprising what your clothes say about you and how a love for all things fashion unite!). You can follow me on WIWT here...You don't have to upload, you can just style stalk others, I did at first..Give it go!

Sion is Jennaays boyf who came along for the ride, he's one hella' cool guy, turns out he's a singer/songer writer and VERY talented, he has a new EP out on 15th April..check him out here.

'Fess up time, I did take photos of the models last night who were styled up wearing items from the stores at Cabot Circus however, they came out fairly crap...BLOGGER FAIL!! I promise I will get this right next time, it's all a learning curve for me...

The diary is filling up with Blogger meets already! 

Today, I'm mostly packing..yep, it's a big task for me that is consuming my weekend, lists about lists, trying to create the best outfit for each event on the itinerary...My usually neat (OCD) wardrobe looks like there's been a clothing explosion..That said, I'm already working on my next post which only features an amazing offer and GIVEAWAY!!

Until later..


  1. Aww that was such a pleasant read! Was so lovely to meet you and Kristie last night! I look forward to seeing you both again at the Cardiff meet and with luck Sion's EP Launch! Thank you for the mention too! I can show you how to knit and sew anytime! ;) hope you have fun today packing, very excited for you!!! Xxx

    1. Thanks Jennaay, it was lovely to meet you both too and looking forward to seeing you soon! I'd love to learn the basics of sewing, lets do it! x


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