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Eat, Drink, Shop, Repeat...

And we double bagged!

Remember my bestie, Andrea, from this post…? Well, she was back in the UK last week and in the four days I got to share with her, we ate, drank and SHOPPED!!

Oz is crazy expensive for shopping, to put it into context, items in Zara here are half (if not more) the price of those down under!!

The last few days have been rammed, we've barely slept to cram in the shops, the necessary feeding and watering and of course, girlie good times!!

Here's the highlights from the start of the week…;

Monday…Nude Shoe Day

After a run, coffee, catch up and introduction to my new walk-in wardrobe (previously her room) we hit Bristol… This was a spontaneous shop, her husband wanted to buy a suit or two and although we are ever supportive of shopping, we quickly formed our splinter group and went our own way! Time was limited so we chose the following shops to preview/cover/strike off before our London shopping trip.. It's a warm up, right?

In 3 hours we covered Primark, Zara and H&M!

What we wore...
A mid conversation shot - so much to catch up on!

Blazer - This short tux jacket was from Mango last summer (Psssst, I'm selling it, see below)
Jeans - River Island, Eva - Buy here.
Heels - Nude strappy sandals from Zara years ago!!
Bag - Topshop buy last summer.
Aviators - Michael Kors.

Bag - Paul Smith 
Jeans - Zara, in Oz.
Jumper - Zara, in Oz.
Heels - Tony Bianco, Oz.

Neither of us have properly shopped for a while which meant that Zara was heaven and we haaaaaauled!!

The best thing about having the week off is having mid afternoon eats and wine in town at my favourite place, Tampopo!!
Sharing Board - I don't like sharing.


'Tourist' shot - CHECK!
Just to put into context the seriousness of our shopping trips…. We were up at 5.15am, out by 6 and in London for 9.30am! The picture above isn't from Google Images… That really is my boot after shopping!!

First stop was breakfast at Fortnum and Mason…Knowing what I know now, I'd have gone nil-by-mouth for a couple of days previous…IN.CRED.IBLE!!

Coat - Procured on Monday from Zara - buy here. It's a lightweight fabric and fits like a dream - this will be getting a bashing for work and play, totally versatile!

Top - Fairly new from Topshop - no link I'm afraid. This was my first 'neoprene' purchase!! If you haven't already gotten up close with this fabric, it will be your new best friend (it doesn't need ironing for a start!)

Jeans - The Primark petite ones! After introducing Andrea to them, she now also has 2 pairs!

Bag - That one I blogged about here from H&M - buy here. (FYI - The perfect shopping trip bag too).

Sunnies - Accessorise 'Olivia' - buy here.

Andrea is known for her minimal packing skills (mainly because she knew she'd be doing her bit for the UK economy) and is the master of the re-wear! 

Blazer - Zara, Oz.
Jeans - Zara, Oz.
Heels - As before
Bag - As before.

I can highly recommend the F&M breakfast/brunch… (and not eating for at least 24 hours before it!!) - you can book here.

We started with super food smoothies… (to be honest, this was enough for me)

The solid silver tea pot with 'proper' tea, hence the strainer!

The eggs!!!!!

And to finish off, my other bestie, Lil came along to surprise Andrea!!

Ignore the fact I have a hamster face…WHY???
Part 2 of the week coming tomorrow along with some new introductions to the wardrobe!

PS. I've bought me another white blazer this week and have (sensibly) decided to sell the one above - It's fully lined, worn a couple of times (tops) and has silver button details on the cuffs. Size wise it's a Mango Suit Collection XS (but generous) - Message me here if you're interested!!


  1. Yaaaayyyaaaa!!!! Looking forward to Part 2! That coat looks great, great buy! x

  2. I love the coat too - and the brunch looks amazing! X

  3. Woooo! Back in the game :)

    So much to say!!!!!!!!! (Incoming hopefully tomoz or Monday)

    You two look fab...and your shopping dedication is only to be applauded :))
    PS Love Fortum''s sicccckkkkkk
    PPS Is your new white blazer Toppers by any chance?!? Nearly bought it today myself!!!

  4. Haha, indeed!

    Look forward to the mail!!

    I take the shopping words of praise, you're a legend when it comes to shopping!! ; ) x

    The new blazer isssssss .... Toppers! ; ) x

  5. I want a white blazer - but given my toddler like tendencies, I suspect its not wise! ;)

    Looks like a successful trip!

  6. You girls are hilarious - getting up at 5am?! I'm sure it's great to have your bestie back for a while, but what I really want to know is how the hell do u shop in heels???


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