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It Makes Scents...

During last weeks Zara smash 'n' grab, I came across these at the till….Well actually, I came across them singularly as was trying to decide which one to buy..

I'm always on the look out for a 'day' fragrance…Something that smells good, lasts and doesn't break the bank…(Sorry if I only see you during the 'day', it's not that you aren't special enough for me to splash on the expensive stuff!!)

Whilst waiting to pay I had a sniff of the Zara "Fruity"…NICE! Light, sweet and fresh…I slid the aforementioned bottle over to the assistant..."I'll have this too…." £9, very fair price….

That's until she dropped this beautiful piece of info..…. "You can get both fragrances for £12.99!!!! HELLO!! 

The set is "Fruity" and "Oriental". Oriental works as an evening fragrance, slightly more woody with ginger undertones (I think)…
Anyway, TWO fragrances for £12.99 - NO Brainer! 

That's all…

Happy Friday!


  1. Want to try them! Lucy

    1. Get yourself into Zara Lucy and drench yourself in it ; ) x

  2. Zara perfumes are amazing for the price! Great for everyday wear...I blogged about my fave too!

    1. Hang on - how did I miss this!!! Thank you so much - I'm totally investing when I hit the 25 minute queue at the weekend ;-) x


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