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More Of The Same...

Following on from the my last post, the week with Andrea continued to roll into a crazy mix of friends, drinks, food and lots of laughs!! 

Although we didn't actually shop in the last couple of days (I KNOW!), we did cram another brunch with my family, dinner with friends, a spa day and an overnighter with dinner at Malmasion in Birmingham!! (This explains why I feel totally broken and overfed!)


Starting the day with more eggs… (I'm sweating Hollandaise) A slightly more rustic/shabby chic brunch at the Porto Lounge in Bristol. We were in a mad rush all day and totally neglected our OOTD shots - Bad Blogger!! 

Again, a total fail when it came to shooting the outfits on the night too… This #FromWhereIStand shot was a last minute picture on the way out of the restaurant! 

Heels - Old faithful Dune leopard print fury courts..

If you don't have any, I totally recommend you invest - I wore (my uniform piece) battered jeans, the chambray shirt I featured here (and it's 40% off in Gap right now!!!!) and the cobalt blue Primark clutch (smugness at £6, maybe even £4…?) and then the leopard print totally dressed it all up. Lazy style fix!


We headed off for a girls pamper session at Wildmoor Spa in Stratford - A beautiful location and really good value for money! Obvs, I'm not gonna' share pics of me in the 'one size fits all robe and slippers' (mainly because it don't!!)…That said, here's what I chucked on for the day..;

OK…. It's the footwear from the spa day… I re-shot the outfit yesterday as it's an easy wearer! 

The Dune loafers are super soft and amazingly comfortable - buy here. I wore mine with tatty big turn-ups (note; turn-ups are going large this Spring).

Re-worn yesterday…

Loafers - Dune.
Shoulder bag - H&M, featured here.
Jeans - River Island Eva - buy here.
Coat - River Island Coat which I can't find online now… It's definitely still in store and down to £40!
Sunglasses - Accessorise Olivia - buy here.

After the spa day we headed over to the Malmasion in Birmingham for an overnighter and dinner. Again, (and mainly down to the lack of time and decent lighting) I totally failed in getting any decent outfit pictures…Failure appears to be consistent - this won't be happening again! 

Mojitos for starters!

Up close with the Zara yellow satin heels..

Quality wise, this is pooooor, I know…. I can't believe that this is the only shot we managed to get together allllll week!! 

I'm wearing…

Trousers - Topshop white quilted cigarette pants. I bought these a couple of months ago and not long after this picture, chucked red wine all over them (one can recommend Vanish Gold!)!!! 

Heels - These were in Zara AW and although tagged as 'basic' still had a £60 (ish) price tag…I then saw them for £40 in the sale….I still didn't bite… Then I saw them for £12 in the sale and it was at this point I decided I NEEDED them…The only ones left in my size looked like they'd been kicked around the shop several times so, I resorted to eBay…I paid £40…(there's a moral there somewhere….)

Top - This is new from Zara and the poor pic doesn't do it any justice…It's neoprene, black and pleated…A style favourite pour moi however, I can't find it online at the moment!! 

Andrea's wearing…

Dress - New from French Connection - Buy here.
Heels - New from Zara (I have them too), pointed peep toe (with acceptable toe cleavage) for £29!!! Buy here.

So that's it… A whole load of shoes and food!


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