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Turkish Delight, Part 2...

Following on from yesterdays post, I bring you the next instalment of the holiday outfits ..;

Night 3 - The Skorts...

I'd been eyeing up the Zara skorts (look like a skirt from the front but, actually shorts, clever eh?!) for months and if you read a lot of blogs you probably feel like you're sick of seeing them as they have been a huge hit and 'everyone' is wearing them...It was a fellow blogger who introduced me to this colour and to be honest, as soon as I saw them on Belle of HoneyBelle, I had to have them!!  

Turns out I'm wearing Zara head to toe...shirt, skorts and heels.

Accessories - Gold cuff from Warehouse, long gold leaf chain from Warehouse, short gold leaf chain from Reiss. The rings are the same stack I wore earlier in the week...;

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the beautiful Trea of Treasures n Pleasures for the shout out on her blog for my skort styling!! If you don't already read her blog, it's a must... We have VERY similar style and she has a great eye for new trends!

Skort Mania, Continued...

Although we didn't wear them on the same night, Kirstie also invested in the Zara skort in white...Again, head to toe in Zara..;

How hot!!?
Night 4 - Keeping It Casj..

You always have to have one night where you 'dress down' (can't be arsed) on your holidays... To be honest, the reason for this was more like too many afternoon drinks and not being able to completely function when it came to dressing for dinner...Luckily, I did chuck the Topshop maxi dress in the case at the last minute...I love it, easy to style and comfy as hell!!..;

This is another idea I got from Belle...Maxi knot...just add 1 hair band and 1 safety pin!

Racer back..

OK, the maxi photo's aren't great...I blame the heavy handed barman and his thirst quenching Vodka..


Bikini bandeau - ASOS...This is years old, I love it though, just simple...

Shirt - Gap a few years ago..

Shorts - These were from Zara last summer.

Bangles - A selection from H&M (they size their bangles, great for me as they stock XS!!)

Necklaces - Long gold leaf from Warehouse, short gold leaf from Reiss. 

Have you joined the 'Skort Army'? How do you style them?



  1. Yay!


    Soooo tanned...soooo jell :)

    Skort rocks on you
    Maxi knot = ace


  2. Major thanks to stealing your style!!!

    Thank you!!! I LOVE holiday clothes!!!

    Legs look like sausages ; )

    I'm now singing Van Morrisons Moondance... I love FANTABULOUS x

  3. Aw thanks for the shout out back lovely lady!! So glad I ordered the skort, planning on wearin it to a festival next weekend as it give the weather to be scorching!!!

    You picked a perfect time to go hols, now u can show off your tan in this amazing weather! I'm still working on mine!

    I love the fact that H&M size their bracelets, I'm a fellow tiny wristed person (surprise surprise!) and the xs is perfect for me!


    1. You are very welcome, thanks to you my blog stats went through the roooof last week!!

      I know, I never get that lucky... back to work on Tuesday where the tan will once again, go in to hiding :(

      I can't wait to see how you style the skort!!

      CIder, xs secured the fact we were separated at birth!!


  4. Lovin your holiday outfits Karen :) I bought the topshop maxi after you featured it previously and advised that it was good for us petite girls - nothing worse than being drowned by a maxi and this one fits perfectly! Also love how you and your friend have styled the 'skorts'. I have them in white but haven't yet worn them as I'm struggling to find something to go with them - mine are quite big on and I'm finding a tucked in blouse isn't quite enough to keep them from gaping at the back.

    Paulina x

  5. Thank you Paulina!! The dress is fab and you're right, it fits our petite sizing perfectly I think!!

    You have to get the skorts out, could you wear an elasicated belt to keep them up or, get them taken in?

    PS. LOOOVVVE your white dress on WIWT today!!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hmm elasticated belt sounds like a good idea actually, I could even disguise it under the folded bit at the top of the skorts - Perfect! Thank you i'll try that. Sometimes you just need another perspective...

    Aw thanks :) I knew I had to have it when I laid eyes on it ha!


  8. Just love the skort - I have the black and the white - but to be honest I have been a bit put off wearing them having seen every other blogger from here to eternity wearing them! Now I have my tan I'm sure I'll be wearing them when I get home. I love the red one on you - they are super comfy aren't they?


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