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Footwear Fail...

Today's work took me from my home in North Somerset to the centre of Birmingham... In my world this is no big deal and I'd planned the wardrobe accordingly (of course) - out of front door, into car, get fuel at services, arrive in central Birmingham, walk to customers etc etc... this is all very normal... until as you drive up the M5, you notice that it is starting to resemble a scene from Narnia...Brilliant, absolutely Brill.i.ant!!

Having arrived a little early I figured that if I whacked the heating up in the car and left the engine running it would at least melt a little area for me to do a graceful dismount from the vehicle without the unsuitable footwear going one way and the Prada, the other (upstairs for thinking people, but I also realise how girlie this sounds). In all honesty, I think even the huskies would have backed off this challenge ;

Blades would have been more useful..
After executing the move from the car further danger lay ahead... cobbles, sodding cobbles... Any girl knows these really do mess with your heel - best result is you don't stack it in your hidden platforms (wobble wobble fall), worst is you lose your heel tip, sound like a tap dancer and increase slip levels to DEFCON 5 on shiny floors...( surprising how much traction the 1cm square area gives really)..

(Not the actual cobbles... taking photos of them outside wouldn't have been appropriate and I needed every bit of balance I had!)

For the mildly observant, you'll realise that these aren't the "new" work shoes previously mentioned in Working 9-5.. (they completely shredded my feet on the first wear. Who knew I had Professor Klump feet?!?) However, just about all of my work shoes are black patent and of a similar heel height - this heel height does not get downgraded for anything due to the fact I have had one too many occasions walking towards customer receptions when the "automatic" door sensor doesn't "pick me up".. That my friends, is somewhat embarrassing because the next stage from here is standing outside doing A BIG WAVE to catch the sensor to open up... 

In other news, it looks like I have won a little trip away with work so my mind drifted to holiday clothes (I really am that shallow) when stopping to grab my lunch (this translates to a M&S sandwich at the services) after the dramatic morning, I figured I could just have a mooch through the apps at "what's new in store" whilst feeding my face... I only got as far as the River Island  app as it was bursting with new stuff (I heart summer clothes), before I knew it I had screen shot (see instructions and previous obsession confession in Style Stalking.. and see if you get hooked) two potential purchases;

Dress £45 River Island screams holiday to me..Just add heels, an arm full of bangles, Mojito and a yellow envelope clutch..
Tee £18 River Island... as long as this fits tight across the top of the back and hangs well this is going with ankle grazer white jeans and flat gold gladiator sandals...

That's me for today, this evening takes me to a "Candle Party"... (yep, definitely mid thirties)...although the promise of pizza and wine dragged me there oh and all my lovely friends of course!

Happy Friday x

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