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After dipping my ( newly shellac'd ) toe into the world of blogging yesterday, my mind has been racing with subject matters - the creative fairies are working away in my head. 

Without doubt, once I get my mind set on what I want to do and how I want to do it there is no stopping me.. until now! This is all very new, I am having to go back to books ( these are lots of pieces of paper bound by a cover and contain lots of information deemed as useful).... I'm borderline techno panic attack!!

My beautiful BFF Andrea is a blogger and from a far, ( Bondi - lets not talk about it, she said "2 years tops", this time period is nearly up and I will be at Heathrow on 22nd April to collect her, FACT! ) via Whatsapp and email, has been sending me hints and tips!

Obvs, if anyone does have any feedback, advice, hints or can speed read and summarise these books then, get in touch!

So, I'm out of here for now, leaving you with the overused brackets, your Sunday roasts and big fluffy socks whilst I get on with ploughing through these beauties..

See ya' x
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