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Fashion Forward...

I've been struck down and not sure if I'm going to make it through the night... OK, it's a cold and I'll be fine! I took to my bed early last night (to feel sorry for myself) and soon forgot about the ridiculous amount of snot (sorry) being produced and I let my mind drift to my favourite past time, SHOPPING! 

I'm overly excited about the new lines coming into the shops (I know I've already mentioned it) so, I thought I'd share what I found last night (whilst resting)... 

THE SALES (yeah they're still on and it's not just crap left, trust me)

I usually pick up some cracking buys at this time of year that work through Spring and sometimes into Summer.. 

First on my list was Reiss.. I'd already done a "sale" shop there over Christmas and decided to see what was further reduced (with credit card poised)...I bought these jeans for £55 at Christmas and now they are down to £33 (I'm ok with this, I love them) from £110!!! The jeans are called "SMITH" and fall brilliantly into both the metallic and patterned trouser trends. I teamed mine with gold Louboutin's however, looking at how Reiss have styled it in the image below, I'm thinking grey/taupe shoes would also work...(As luck would have it, I have some..);

Have I really just put a photo of me next to a model..?!?
So whilst also on the Reiss quest, I happened upon the maxi skirt and belt below - again, massive bargains and definitely trans-seasonal so, a good investment in my opinion! The skirt was £129 and now down to £38 and the belt was £59 down to £17 (*adding to basket*)

Act quickly, there's bargains to be had!
If I (it's as likely as day becomes night) buy these then, already I can think of various looks to go for - right now with a biker jacket that's for sure! Here's some more ideas below (which aren't in the sales however, the skirt and belt are practically free so you can make up for it with these...?);

Yeah, we are clear I love a statement necklace already!
Top left - River Island £15, Top right - Topshop £65
Bottom left - Zara £22.99, Bottom right - River Island Limited Edition £25, various colours available.

Act quick people there are bargains to be had out there!


I've had a lovely letter from my credit card company today telling me that they had "reduced my interest rate", this is lucky by all accounts... I want everything featured today!

There are a few areas to cover under my heading "the new stuff".... first up, STRIPES! I love stripes, in fact I own far too many tops (and dresses now I come to think of it) like below, they are too easy and usually my cheat outfit when I'm not sure what I'm going to throw on.

Glad I hadn't deleted previous WIWT photos from my phone...
I'm drawn to striped dresses;

ASOS Midi Dress £24! (love how it's styled too)
New in a Warehouse for £60 - super slimming dress with a feature back - what's not to love?!

I've also started a little (4 isn't many is it?) wish list for shoes...I'm thinking all would work with the dresses above, adding a bit of colour/fun..;

I love them all!
Top left Zara £49.99, Top right River Island £100
Bottom left River Island £70, Bottom right ASOS £45!

These shoes would all work with so much (see how I justify things?), my peep toe shoe boots needed replacing 12 months ago but i couldn't, I had nothing to take their place.... UNTIL NOW! Laser cut leather shoe boots will update my look so I'm sold!

Whilst mooching on line, I decided it was time to start research for my holiday clothes...Here is the first little capsule selection, all River Island ;

Show me the sunshine!

I already have a jumper similar to the white top however, this is also on the list for summer now as the woolly one will get shelved when the sun comes out (fingers crossed/touching wood/praying to the sun God)... The shirt, what can I say, love the colour and style - it'll work for work (that doesn't sound right) and also with bits I already have; pleather leggings and denim shorts, versatile YES! The shorts, ok, I have several pairs however, these are soooo different (they have stars on of course). The bag, really like this (so much, its been added to basket, they do it in several colours and shown above too). The necklace... I think I'm going to need another cork board!

Last bit of retail news that got me coughing on my Strepsil, New Look have started up their petite section. It's on line only for now but, I reckon if I buy enough I could get them to open a whole store in Bristol?? (I'd settle for a few rails)..

I'm done for today, I shall be spending the rest of my evening over a bowl of steaming Vicks! Let me know what you think about the picks so far, what would you do different? Have you had a sneak at the end of season sales? 

Let me know if you pick up a bargain...

Toodles x


  1. I had the email from new look too and was a a bit happy about the petite range!

    1. I'm sure if it takes off they will do in "small packages" need more choice or, shares in wonder web! x

  2. Here goes.. Loving your work. You are a natural.

  3. Ok. Had my eye on that riverisland bag for about a month. Just spent the last of my birthday money on it now.. ...

    1. Excellent! Which one? I ordered the tan coloured one and also the lime coloured shopper (which i just found when having one last round up!!) x

  4. Lime one. Originally looked at the turquoise but they appear to have sold out x

  5. New Look +Petite. thanks Karen. And theres a branch just round the corner from work. Love the blog x

    1. Glad you like it Claire!! I'm really enjoying it.. basically it's just the stuff in my head splattered out on a screen now! Let me know how you get on with the NL petite! Oh oh and i'm due to OBS soon, shall we? x

  6. Lol! I could practically hear my brain jumping while reading about the stripes! Yay!! It isn't just me! I've become a bit obsessed with finding stripes that fit me right now! Sadly, it seems Indians are over stripes already! (Boo!) Lovely finds btw! xx

    1. I'd wear them daily if i could! Can you not get worldwide delivery over there?
      Thank you! x

  7. Zara neckwear love it and love the lime bag , I love the dress but not sure stripes are me xxx


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