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The Progress and The Frock..

WOW!! What an amazing few days and start to Mission;Style.. After clicking on various links I stumbled across the "stats" page for my blog ( who'd have thought this would be sooo clever ). Anyhow, I was blown away by the amount of pages views and comments so far after just 2 days - Mum, get the scrapbook out!!! 

I read this as 451 pages views so far and these are from as far a-field as OZ, India, the US of A, Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil and I definitely do not have family in all of those places! 

Enough of bigging up my badself and on with the main reason for why I'm here...

As some of you know, I upload a daily outfit to WIWT and have been for 5 months or so. WIWT is the UK's largest on line outfit sharing site - totes amaze balls for getting ideas and generally being nosey at what others wear ( who doesn't love that?!? ) You can click the "widget" on the right hand side of my blog to see my daily ensembles, warts and all!! Since joining this site, it has made me focus on what I wear a little more and also made me dig out some stuff hiding in the wardrobe for sometime!

I don't claim to be a fashion guru, fashion/style is all about having a bit of fun yet, feeling amazing - its one thing you have to do for yourself everyday (unless you're the Queen, she probably doesn't get the sweats when she realises her fave top is on the ironing pile or still in the washing machine and now smells like wet dog..)

So to my first outfit post on here... After some thought, I decided to showcase the "Christmas Party Frock". 

Christmas Parties/Weddings = What if someone has my dress on? Hell, what if they look better than me? What if I'm over/under dressed? What are the potential outfit malfunctions related to said outfit when consuming a sherry or two? IT'S A MINEFIELD!!!

I invested a little bit of time in researching the frock (that means a lot) and if I'm honest, I think I struck gold! 1) No one else had it on 2) Perfectly suitable for the occasion/venue/crowd 3) Hmmm well, it's a full skirt which kept me on my toes in the galeforce winds outside the hotel and, the fabric is likely to be highly flammable - 2 out of 3 = winner!

The dress was £95 ( major bargain ) from Miss Selfridge and appeared to only be available online - so worth always checking websites for online specials and exclusives. These photos of the frock are actually from a special birthday celebration of a dear friend last weekend... YEAH, I'VE WORN THIS DRESS TWICE!! 

The belt was an early Christmas present from Our Kid (my affectionate name for my sister). It's from ASOS, £20 and still available online. It was my little twist to the dress and cinched in the waist (see Gok, I listened)!!

Down to the shoes ( hmmm, shoes ), these little beauties are Jimmy Choo from Selfridges. I bought them last year and have worn them to death, if I was to do a "cost per wear" I reckon I'd be near £7-8 per wear!! I know they are a luxury item but, how many pairs of shoes do you have that cost ( thinks of a number) £30 and you've worn once?? I know I have a few and for those without a calculator, that's £30 per wear... Its clear how I justify spending to myself, the Chancellor probably wants to thank me.... 

There it is, the first outfit and lots more chatter from me.... Did you have ever a "Dress-Mare"? Do you have any a luxury item ( or two ) you can't live without? 

If you've got this far, thanks for sticking with me and reading!!


  1. Lol! I'm so happy for u! Btw, this is one of your fav looks ever!(yes i stalk you on wiwt sometimes!) Looking fwd to your other posts! xx
    Btw, do check out my blog when you can,

    1. Hey QE! Sorry for the delay - too much time blogging and not enough replying! You are a major darling - i stalk loads of people on WIWT (not sure i should have admitted that openly!) I did have a gd look through your blog the other night, in fact, i couldn't put it down. Its great and i love seeing your life and fashions in India! I hope you are enjoying Mission:Style so far x

  2. Love it! My luxury item is my Mulberry bag which I use everyday! Def good cost per wear!
    Need an new investment soon as dare I say, I'm getting bored of my Mulberry!
    BTW - how to you get the WIWT widget on there? it doesn't seem to work!

  3. Hey!! Glad you do! That's a great luxury item and you get to use it EVERYDAY, it makes it practically free!?! You dare say you're getting bored of it - i get that! Are you thinking a bag? You should go to Bicester Village, some gorgeous shops at massively discounted rates - i'm planning a pilgrimage!

    It was tricky getting the widget on and it was more luck than anything else - i went through my blogger page and clicked on layout and then it brings up a raw page. On the right hand side it has the "add gadget" link, click on that and copy in the script from the WIWT widget link on their page...Give me a shout if that doesn't work x


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