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Segways & Strudel...

I realise I've barely been back in the UK 5 minutes however, last Friday I jetted off to Prague (Club Class no less too, check me) for the final reward from 'The Day After the Night Before'.. This trip was to mark Global Elite and recognition for my achievements last year at work.

I had every intention of getting blog-tastic last week after my Cancun jollies however, day 1 back at work clocked up just over a cool 18 hours and the following two days weren't much different...Oh, and I have started to peel...AWESOMENESS!!! Basically, I've been stacked and just haven't had a sec to breathe, let alone pack for a long weekend in Prague..

After packing for Cancun, I'd gotten my head 'round summer clothes.. turns out it ain't that warm in Prague right now, season change again ...;

Turns out it was actually colder than this too..

The long weekend started on Thursday night with dinner in Richmond with my MD and 4 other colleagues... The outfit of choice had to meet the criteria of ..;

  1. Suitable for pub drinks before and after dinner
  2. Tick the box for a fairly relaxed restaurant 
  3. Fairly casj but still, smart enough for the occasion
  4. Being the only female and not wanting to do a 'trends' overload..
This was outfit of choice (after several reiterations..);

Blouse - This has to be 5-6 years old from Karen Millen, it's a really fine fabric with lace inserts and a satin cami attached underneath.

Jeans - A pair of fairly standard (all bar the gold zip detail) pair of black skinny jeans from River Island last summer.

Shoes - My trusty (and original pair) of Christian Louboutin pumps...I've said it before, shoes can totally make an outfit, these beauties really do make me feel good and always, get love from onlookers (who doesn't like that sort of attention..?!)

Bag - This is a leather snake skin effect clutch with chain strap that I picked up from Topshop before Crimbo for £30! The cost per wear for this alone has got to be down to 50p!!

Watch - Rose Gold Michael Kors

Total combined age of this outfit (ignoring me) must be over 14 years!!


We were up and out at 5.30am for a flight out of Heathrow...The plan for the day - Arrive, go for a quick lunch in town and then back to the hotel for an afternoon of meetings, followed by an awards dinner at the hotel the evening...You won't be surprised to know that this involved 3 outfits and very little time...;

5.30am lift photo - accessorising with a mighty hangover!!

The jeans are the new Lacy jeans from Topshop - buy here.

Converse, standard pumps although there was an emergency buy of the high top version at the airport... long story but, I'm glad I did it, they kept my ankles warm in the sub zero Prague temperatures!!

The shirt is an old loose fitting shirt from Gap with a faint blue and white stripe.

The jacket has a tailored peplum and was from French Connection in January. It's a fairy heavy fabric and I figured better to wear it than scrunch it up in my case and it look like I'd slept in it when I needed it later in the day.

We stayed at the Hotel Boscolo just a 5 minute walk from the action in Prague - click on the link above to have gander at the fabulousness that was home for 2 days!! I gained a major result with a free room upgrade to a Junior Suite... turns out it was larger than my first apartment...I'm guessing the guy on reception took one look at my suitcase and decided it would be better all 'round..

Back to work, this was the outfit for the afternoon meetings...Taken at home a couple of days before (in pre-pack try on)...;

Erm and yeah, I did wear 60 deniers with this!

The dress was from Warehouse last year and the jacket was from New Look about 12 months ago...I really am dragging out the back of my wardrobe right now... a few weeks off shopping and I'm gagging to hit the shops!

Given that I had 45 minutes from the end of the afternoon meeting to shower and change, I had to throw my (still half damp) hair together and get back down for the evening dinner and awards...;

The only full length mirror in the suite was on the back of the wardrobe door... not very helpful for snapping outfits..

The dress and jacket (worn on the flight out) are both French Connection from January and still available in some stores. The belt was a QUID from Primark! I love the dress on it's own as it is cut high in the neck and then cut away at the arms/shoulders but, due to the extreme peeling that has set in, removing the jacket was a NO GO...(even after applying layers of moisturiser!!)

The awards ceremony was pretty amazing, it's my third year on the bounce at Global Elite and I was honoured on stage by my MD and COO (Chief Operating Officer/Mr Big in my business) in front of my peers!


We were up and out early for a tour of the old town (where may I add, there's no shops of choice, just tat!)...We covered the Strahov Library and Castle (worth a visit) although, they don't let you 1) Use flash photography 2) Wear outdoor shoes in the library...Enter one size slippers for all...;

I'm thinking this was just their way to get us to polish the floor during the tour..

Following a hearty lunch (and time to thaw out), it was back out for a boat tour and a Segway rally around the city...;

I'm smiling on the outside...
The Karrimor windbreaker jacket was given to us as a gift by the company for the weekend and I appreciate I'm not breaking fashion boundaries here but I doth my cap to my MD for getting my size bang on!!  
The bag was from Ted Baker last year (a brilliant buy). I've seen this one recently in Mango but afraid, can't find online to give you the link...Soz!

Mango cross body bag...

Again, there was limited turnaround for the evening plans so it was another 'quick bun' (this time to the side), throw on clothes and get outta' there...;

A selection of more 'old faithfuls'...

The evening outfit is toned down for a Saturday night out that involved dinner and a club...Again, I was one of two females in a party of 30+ and, we had a tram ride (with a butler and champagne no less) to get to our destination.

Featuring again are my most fave Christian Louboutins (up close and personal below)..
The top was from Mango last year and is fairly sheer with a split back (mandatory vest worn for decency)..
The leather look jeggings are fairly standard and available pretty much anywhere... I know I've banged on about them before but they really are a very staple wardrobe piece and brilliant for throwing on in last minute emergencies...who hasn't got a top to wear with them, right..?

Dinner was at probably one of the BEST RESTAURANTS I have ever been to, SaSaZu. A quick Google search before showed that it boasted 5 stars on Trip Advisor (and there ain't many of them about) and a bundle of Michelin stars... The food was Asian inspired and incredible, 10 courses later and we hit the adjoining club.. The club was huge and actually pretty good based on the location and that our group was 20 years over the average age...That said, I made it to 2am, just! I highly recommend SaSaZu as a MUST if you are in Prague and fancy lording it!!


After treating myself to the hotel spa in the morning, it was off back to the airport...

It's been a crazy few weeks and although I've loved it, normality is pretty appealing right now...First stop is get myself back in shape and ready to squeeze myself back into my Spring/Summer clothes (who needs additional stress when trying to figure out what to wear). Aside from hitting the gym and eating just ONE course at every meal time, I've committed to the 30 day Squat Challenge..;
Oh yeah, I will have the pertest buns of steel in 30 days!!

I'm 2 days in and got the 'aches', the good aches that tell you you've worked...

Now I'm back for the foreseeable, I'm planning posts galore so keep an eye out for reviews, sale bargains, outfit ideas etc etc...

You can find me on twitter @missionstyleuk

It's good to be back.. x


  1. Good to have you back Karen, although I'm so jealous of all your escapades. Totally know what you mean about dressing for work things, I work with mostly men and find it really hard to dress for work social events without going to overboard on trends. Love that New look jacket, the Ted Baker bag, and of course the Louboutins.

    1. Thank you, I truly mean its good to be back, I've missed blogging!!
      Dressing in a male oriented environment is tough, you want to be feminine but a long way from even being considered slutty, right?!
      The items you mentioned have certainly had some wear, thank you xx


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