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A Quick Return...

Before the holibobs, you may recall that I made a few panic buys...Today, after finally having more than 30 seconds clear in my schedule, I rushed in to River Island to return said unwanted goods...Unfortunately due to the fact I ordered before the hols and have then since, jetted straight off again, my internet returns could only be credited back to me on a gift card...

My theory now is that is have £125 FREE to spend...(pick the bones outta' that you psychologists)!!

Time was tight (what's new), I just didn't have a moment to start to get excited on how I was going to spend my new found fortune (again, I realise..)..That said, in the time I had stood at the till and then whilst exiting the store, I managed to mentally shop by... 1) Checking out a shop assistance who was rocking a look and 2) Nearly throwing my neck out turning to look and then, subsequently taking a couple of steps back to take photos of the items that caught my eye...

I'm home now, dishwasher emptied, diner consumed and so I thought I'd just have a quick lookie at what else River Island had going on...OH.SWEET.JESUS....Spoilt for choice, I am..!!

The first item to catch my eye were these back and white geometric cropped joggers..;

These are definitely gonna' eat £20 out of my £125!! They will work with the new Aldo flat sandals, the ASOS strappy heels and any one of my blazers...Summer staple! Buy here.
(another added bonus, they're cropped, they'll fit my petite legs!!!)

Then there was this...;

There's another £16 gone...Love this A.LOT! It'll work with the pants above, maxi skirts, over my grey 'midi' dress, denim shorts.. JUSTIFIED! Buy here.

In-keeping with my new jumpsuit obsession...;

This can't eat into my £125 credit voucher...It's only available online from the RI Limited Edition section... it's in my bag though! I'll be adding a chunky gold belt and some huge earrings and heels...Buy here.

Leather jacket with a twist...;

It's £65 got the boucle style but with the added bonus of some warmth..Buy here.

Harem pants are my friend due to the eat-a-thon I've mastered over the last few weeks...;

These are £20 and available to buy here. I have some already that I bought a few years ago, they were dusted off and dragged out for Cancun when the overeating really took a hold...;

The versatile summer heels...;

Two colours that will go a long way this summer.. skirts/shorts/denim/dresses ...Buy here.

And because there's hardly any colour so far and I love these...;

These green bundles of gorgeousness are £30 and also in my bag!! Buy here.

I'm going to have to buy this top to try it... It may be I'm far too old for it but, I'm thinking with the green pants and a black blazer I could pull it off...(oh, and after shedding the holiday pounds!!!)


An absolute must buy if you don't have anything like these...;

I turn to my tops like this when I have no idea what else to wear... dress up/dress down whatever, you need these in your life for £10 each, buy here.

Don't you love it when you buy something and then see it in the sale a few weeks later..;

I bought this for work and it's down to £12!!! Buy here.

Patterned pants...;

These beauties are down to £15!! If you've been considering dipping your toe into the patterned pant pool then this is it. Buy here.

Invest in lace...;

£10!!! That's it, just a tenner!! I'd be teaming with battered and ripped jeans/denim here.

I'm glad these didn't fit me when they arrived (not that I don't love them, they're half bloody price)...;

I absolutely love these laser cut RI Limited Edition shoe boots (and they'd go with pretty much everything I've showcased today!!)...I had ordered them a couple of months ago alas, even the size 3 slopped off my tiny trotters so, they went back... They do seem to come up big. They are down to £50 and from £100...Buy here.

Buy now, love for seasons...;

This black Aztec skater skirt is down to £10 and I want it!! Already thinking with 60 deniers and a blazer oh oh, and the yellow crop top above.. then with strappy heels and a crisp white shirt and statement necklace come the summer and then, just over your bikini bottoms whilst you stroll along the beach...Buy here.

Same again here...;

This animal print skirt with a feature waistband is down to £12 and I'm thinking wear just like the skater skirt above... I think this will be fairly timeless...OK, a couple of years wear easy!!

I'm spoilt for choice...I'm 'checking out' online NOW!

Have you got a River Island wish list, have you got any of these pieces already..?



  1. My brain works the same as yours!!

    Gift card deffo = free stuff (even if you've paid for it yourself...we probably need help).

    100% gotta get those green pants...loooove :)

    1. Hahaha, that's the only way to work!!

      Yeah I already paid for that stuff but, it was last month so this is a 'bonus'!!! 😉

      Hoping green pants fit!

      Where've you been on WIWT, missed you?! X

    2. Awwww....doll!

      I'm having a lil' break from stresses me out on there....I just can't keep up!!

      I've actually had a lie-in the last three Sundays (instead of hauling my sorry ass outta bed, shoe-horning myself into some weather-inappropriate outfits and hitting the streets to take some snaps) and I'm loving it!!

      Nice to see you killing it there day after day though :)
      Go girl!!

  2. Hey missus. Great post! Just caught up for the first time in ages... Loving the work. Much love, Lil xxx


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