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It's All Yellow...

Spring is certainly taking it's time..C'mon already!!

During my after work rampage in Zara on Friday, I also picked up a couple of other pieces..(no surprise there, right)... One of which was a yellow tee. I've been itching to get me some yellow in the wardrobe (start a new colour zone within said wardrobe too..) for ages, I just haven't found the perfect item and although I've invested, be assured that this isn't the last of it, this is just a holding piece until I find the absolute perfect item..;

The Zara necklace makes a second appearance in 2 days!
This tee is one of the Zara linen mix basic tops, you can find them on the circular rail in every store priced at £15.99... They do every colour under the sun, I know, I have them! These tee's are great emergency tops and go with everything... even better now they have started selling XS...

Yeah, you'll also spy my fave new statement necklace (picked up in the Zara trolley dash on Friday) but also, a pair (in fact my first pair) of patterned pants. These slacks were bought last summer from Primark for £5 (!!!!!), cost per wear is down to about 25p now!!! FYI - This is exactly how I justify spending £22.99 on the statement necklace...

The shoes are also dropping rapidly in their cost per wear... Worn most evenings on holiday and my 'go to' shoe of the moment...I'm neglecting my shoe collection in favour of these, they are just too easy! These ones were from ASOS in February and although not in stock anymore, they have a few very similar...;

Left to right;

ASOS HONEY PIE - buy here.
ASOS HENLEY - buy here.
ASOS HOSTAGE (nearest to mine, suede and cone heel) -  buy here.

Do you have a pair of shoes that really do go with everything..?



  1. Love everything karen, I'm obsessed with yellow, patterned trousers and statement necklaces at the minute so it's like your inside my head! I have a pair of black ASOS shoes that I wear all the time but I really want a pair similar to yours, although I need a bit of a thicker strap I think as those would leave my boney feet in ribbons!!

    1. Our blogs/style are so similar!! You definitely buy more shoes than me, FACT! ; )

      My ASOS did/kinda still do shred my trotters and there's a fair amount of meat on them x


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