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Moootiful Zara Pants...

It's Saturday, it's Saturday, it's Saturday....OK, yeah I've been massively excited about today, my first bloggers meet with the South Wales Bloggers girls in Cardiff oh and, I finally got to wear my new Zara cow print pants of course! (I realise I don't actually live in Wales... I can see it from my house so I think that counts, right..?)

The day was hosted at The Brewhouse in Cardiff and hash-tagged with #CDFmeet (of course)...The surroundings were gorgeous, a really vibrant bar in the heart of Cardiff, pretty brilliant cocktails and the best pulled pork wrap, EVER!!

The outfit..;

Moootiful Zara pants (see what I did there, sorry...) - I bought these a few weeks ago, I absolutely love them and have been waiting for just the right occasion to showcase them... They are actually meant to be 'cropped' pants (God I love this trend), obvs on me, just the perfect 7/8 length! You can buy them here.

Top - Its just a plain Topshop jersey tee with a dip hem.

Belt - This beaut was picked up last year in Zara, I love it and got a lot of love for it today too...It's elasticated (a welcome fabric right now) and has the fab bright yellow jewels for that bit of colour in my totally monochrome outfit! (..I needed some colour when I put the bag down!)

Shoes - Yep, the ASOS feet shredders make another appearance!

Bag - Is from the River Island leather collection a couple of months ago.

On the arm - From the top...Silver Gucci bracelet I've had for years. In the middle is a gorgeous bracelet with a drawstring tie, this was a beautiful surprise gift from a friend and it's inscribed with 'Live Love Laugh', I love this for many reasons! Lastly, Tiffany's ...understated black ball bracelet.

The bloggers meet was so well organised, we had amazing goodie bags crammed full of treats (I'll cover these in another post...way too much good stuff to review now), a demonstration from Lush and another goodie bag, 2 for 1 cocktails, cupcakes and then hand treatments from Crabtree & Evelyn and another goodie bag...;

The personalised goodie bag from South Wales Bloggers oh and, an amazing Pink Lady Cocktail!

My gorgeous friend Jen who invited me along! Check her blog here.

There was enough instruments hanging from the ceiling to start a marching band... There is a relevant link here, some will know why I had to take this..

Cupcakes and cocktails!!

Incredible hand treatments in Crabtree & Evelyn!

This is what they used on mine... my hands smell good enough to eat 3 hours on!

Another beautiful goodie bag!

It's been an incredible day and now it's time to turn it around again for dinner and cocktails tonight... My clothes aren't going to throw themselves at me (although it may look like it)...I have an outfit to go plan now...

Have a great evening!

Yeah, it was sunny enough to bang on the Chanel aviators!



  1. Aww what a lovely blog post! I LOVE those trousers! They looked great on you! :) thanks for coming along wouldn't have been the same without you! Enjoy the goodies, I know I will ;)! Xx

    1. Thanks Jen!! It was a pretty fab day lovely!! X

  2. I tried on those troosers.....and they looked shite on me :(

    They deffo look moootiful on you!

    1. I don't believe it!!! I love 'em though! Thank you X


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