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Out On A School Night x 2...

The past TWO nights have been a little unusual for me as I don't tend to go out (not in a hermit way) on a 'school night'... The reasons ;

1 - I'm eyeballs deep in emails
2 - I'm hanging from a full on day
3 - I'm cooped up in a lonely hotel room somewhere in the UK wondering if room service will being me chocolate..(usually a no by the way and, that includes some minibars...)
4 - All/combination of the above.

Monday Night...

An informal dinner with some (male) colleagues at a local bar/restaurant...Obviously I want to make an effort but clearly, not OTT. 

In all honesty, I was gagging to bust out my new white blazer, it's been in the wardrobe 2 weeks and not seen the light of day yet. This was my starting point and, outfit 1 ..;

The complete look..

Feat. the new Butterfly by Matthew Williamson necklace...

The shoes...

Blazer- New cropped tuxedo blazer from Mango, buy here - on that, Mango have some amazing blazers in right now in all colours and good quality fabric!!

Shirt - Last year from Dotty P's

Jeans - These are the 'pleather' jeggings I live for, they were about £20 and have been worn to the point that the cost per wear is down to pence!! Again, last year from Dotty P's and an amazing buy!

Shoes - The shoes, Christian Louboutin from Harvey Nics a couple of years ago.

Necklace - Because I love me a statement necklace... New at the weekend from Debenhams, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson.

As looks go, I thought it was simple however it didn't feel right...The shoes felt a bit 'bling', the jacket a bit 'white' (honestly!!) ...Cue, last minute 'Shit this just isn't right' moment... *contents of wardrobe across the room* .... breathe...

This is what I actually wore in the end... a 'safer' outfit..I mean, bang your hair up and you look soooo much understated, right..? 

Outfit 2...;

At least the fear of spilling red wine down the jacket was removed..

I spy the Zara necklace...AGAIN!

Adding colour with the shoes..

Jacket - A very old boucle style jacket from New Look last year...I think..

Shirt - Same as above..the only remaining part of the first option..

Jeans - Plain black skinnies with a zip detail from River Island last year.

Shoes - Rupert Sanderson (from the Bicester trolley dash blogged here).

Necklace - 'That' one from Zara blogged here...I will never grow tired of this.

Did I do the right thing...? I think...Outfit 1 is definitely more friends/bar/drinks....

Tuesday Night..

A 'Tweet Up'... clues in the name, kind of network meeting however, I knew the host from a few years ago and it was a good excuse to meet her for some drinks and a catch up!! Kirsten is an amazing Wedding Styler and actually styled mine so I can personally recommend her... She works with you on the theme/style and then she's the pair of hands you need on the day to execute (not actually kill) the final touches...Her company is The Little Wedding Helper, fabulous website here.

Choosing tonight's outfit was a little easier, it's been a barmy (and sunny) 18 degrees here today and the venue was at a gorgeous bar/restaurant/cocktail haunt of mine, Goldbrick House in Bristol...

Outfit 3...;

Not a 60 denier in sight!!!

Hmmm badly ironed collar...Oh, and the new MAC lips!

Yeah, more shoes...

Shirt - ASOS double collared shirt that I picked up in January and have turned to on several occasions...Why didn't I have a black shirt in my wardrobe before??

Skirt - This has to be a couple of years old from River Island

Shoes - Although I was asked tonight if these were Choos, I disappoint, my trusty Kurt Geiger nude patent pumps!

Bag - Prada...

Necklace - Hang on... what no necklace... I know, I barely recognise myself...

A BIG observation on my part is that I don't have any colour popping tops that I can throw on for such events.... I had several looks in the wardrobe for things I just don't own.. I was almost wishing they'd be there...probably should buy them first...



  1. Love outfits 1 & 2!!

    But you did the right thing....boucle says "business" a bit more...I think!!

    But...oh wow...Hello Loubs!! :)
    And those Kurt Gs are very Jimmy it has to be said!

    P.S. Have you seen that film "I Don't Know How She Does It?"....that's you that is!!!

    1. I proper laughed at your P.S.!!!! Yeah, I started to read the book and it stressed me out, I never finished it.... The irony...!!

      I love the Louboutins, I've had them for ages and they don't come out that often, they're like slippers!!



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