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Bringing The Sunshine Home...

It was only this morning when I was picking out what to wear that I realised I hadn't mentioned the couple of cheeky holiday purchases...

Don't get me wrong, I didn't exactly have to pay access baggage to haul my purchases home, mainly because the "Luxury Avenue" shopping mall over the road from the hotel (yeah, it taunted me daily!!) was offensively expense!! I had however, eyed up a Louis Vuitton scarf for a couple of days and decided to commit to it as my 'holiday treat' (as if the winning the trip wasn't a treat's free holiday/I can spend...)... I waited 'til the sun was setting and headed over the road to procure said scarf that hadn't been far from my thoughts...;

Luckily for me, in the Louis Vuitton pre-sale excitement I asked to borrow the assistants calculator to check how much the scarf worked out with the exchange rate, ya' know...just gotta' check....(in my defence, the Mexican Peso has lots of noughts on the end..)... ERM,NO!!! Said scarf was 3 times the price of the ones here...Honestly really, I know I should have been over the moon to realise I'd saved myself the equivalent of a small countries debt and although it was tough, I tried to smile as I left the shop...Is it too dramatic to say I left my heart in Cancun... ? No, I thought not. 

I know it seems excessive for a scarf, I've got one almost identical from Zara from a couple of years ago and I love it, my theory was I wear that all the time, invest in something really fabulous because I know it's timeless.... Anyway...the following day the weather turned naff and in fact, proper cold (which, I did not order thank you very much!!), there was only one thing that was gonna' happen...I had to shuffle back over to 'Luxury Aveune' to entertain myself...(not in LV)..

The purchases..;

It's only now I realise I'm pulling a weird face...too late to be retaking photos..

Back to choosing what to wear this very morn'...I've worked from home today and just because I'm couped up at the kitchen table, I can't bring myself to wear slobs/PJ's, I still need to speak to my customers so, I gotta' feel 'dressed' if nothing else... Also, this is me really trying to work the casj look..(which I do struggle with, maybe that's why I'm pulling a weird face)..;

  • Wet look leggings from Topshop - buy here. On these, they are such an easy wear, they don't 'knee' (go baggy at the knee), I mainly dress mine down with biker boots/converse and a parker or now, sandals and an enormous bright scarf! These are a wardrobe essential!
  • Dip hem jersey top from Topshop - not online but bought recently in store...
  • Aldo flat sandals - buy here (I really want the tan/nude ones too). I know I am going to live in these this summer!!
  • Rose Gold Watch - Michael Kors last season, love it!
  • SCARF - THIS was my holiday buy at the bargain price of £6!! Annnnd, it's not even made my neck orange (yet)! OK, it's not LV however, it's bright and a good seasonal colour...I bought some sunshine home...(poor title link..)
I did also buy this 'ensemble' on my travels...;

When it comes to my gym clothes, I tend to swerve towards Nike, I always have.. I'm not sure why initially (although love their stuff now) but, what I do know is that in Cancun (probably due to the close proximity of the US), they have so much more choice, it's a lot cheaper and there's sooo many colours! That said, I realise I've not really done the colour thing (the vest has bright yellow feature..!!?!) however, it's still a long way off my plain black 3/4 dry fit leggings... Nike helped turn my Louis Vuitton frown upside down! I just want some of those mad bright trainers they have everywhere this season and I'm set for the gym!


I know I have featured this jumpsuit before...I bought it back in February, initially I wasn't going to keep it (*gasps*... and it was down to about £20..*double gasps*) ... What a baaad decision that would have been.. I did feel a little conscious of the bright-pinkness (probably because it was February) but, I managed to get over it and took it on it's maiden voyage on Valentines'..;

Not so great lighting...

The second outting (and so far the last) was in Cancun (CoCoBongos to be exact) where said jumpsuit then, and since, has got a lot of love.. (as seen in  'Hola - Part Dos' ...);

Ideal lighting and a true reflection of the pinkness!

I've had a mooch on ASOS to see if they still have my jumpsuit in and the bad news is no, I'm afraid not y'all...They do however, have it in black and, if you are in the market for a jumpsuit then I can highly recommend.. buy here.

ASOS also have these too..;

'ASOS Sexy Halter Jumpsuit' - buy here. They stock 2 colours, black (£31.00) and oxblood (£18.00!!!), both are in the sale!!! I would wear with a strappy shoe, probably understated in the neck department and then full on arm overload of gold bangles and some chunky ass earrings...Oh oh, and a belt...this needs a belt.....


...Since writing that last paragraph I've just had a fab hour long Skype with my bestie in OZ...Andrea is a regular feature on here/my fashion twin (see Page Turning post)... she's just 'fessed up to ordering a NEXT shipment after that post as they now ship to the other side of the world...(likely the 'order by 10pm for next day delivery' has an asterisk by it *NOT AVAILABLE IN OZ YOU DINGO..?)

I had intended on bringing you lots more jumpsuits (Andrea's fault)... Instead, may I (for now) point you in the direction of Topshop...They have some gorgeous short playsuits online in every colour you can imagine!

Hmmm is there an age limit to said short playsuits...? Can a thirty something still carry one off...? 



  1. Good purchases... wish I could get away with a jumpsuit but my bum is too big, boo... and this cold weather hasnt helped reduce it yet, double boo!!!!!

    I actually have that LV scarf (spoilt I know) and its well worth the money, I've had it for years and its perfect for summer and winter, such a good size, def treat yourself to it if you can justify the cost, one of my most reliable pieces in my wardrobe! xXx

    1. Thanks Deb! The jumpsuit isn't forgiving on any ass!!
      I gotta' get me that scarf ( from a stalking point of view, totally know you have it! ) I can't find it online so gonna have to make a trip to London I think! x

  2. What Debs Said ^^

    I bought the LV scarf for my mummy's xmas pressie a couple of years's soooo divine. Naturally, I've borrowed it a couple of times :)

    Deffo worth would suit you & your style so well :) Come to LDN and do the whole LV 'experience'. It's a highly reverential thing!!

    1. Haha!! What I said to Deb too ^^!

      What is this LV experience you speak of? Does it involve bubbles? x

  3. Hahaha sorry everybody, have no fear though best mate intuition tells me that you haven't seen the last of the jumpsuits!
    Loving the ASOS jumpsuit! Want one, and want it now! You can certainly still rock a short playsuit. Dig that Topshop one back out, I loved that!
    Ahem, sooooo frustrating I can't get to the bloody posty so said Next package is currently windling its way back to the UK ...DAMN IT!

    So my next post in Work wear dilemma is on the red skirt! ( sorry shameless push ;)

    Love ya buddy! x

    1. Oh yeah, actually I have the white short Topshop play suit too... Not even worn it!!

      I can't believe you Next stuff is on its way back, crap! Re-order to work?

      Plug away, I don't mind and shameless blog advertising xx
      Love you x


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