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Addiction & The Zara Necklace...

So this is my problem...;

I haven't actually physically hit the shops for a few weeks... Internet, holiday, taking stuff back and duty free DOES NOT count at this point...Come mid-week last week, I was feeling the pull to the shops (actual real ones..)...

I found my 'reason' on Friday when I realised I had to buy 5 birthday cards (really!!!) and decided that the best place to go would be town...(even I question this justification..). Of course, Friday at 6pm is a good time to go into any city centre...(????) 

Obviously, I was trying to justify a quick scoot 'round the local retail outlets...In fact, the cards were the last thing I actually bought..(not an after thought birthday buddies, not at all!) 

As I made my way to the 'card shop' (FYI Scribbler, best cards EVER, you can hear me laughing from the car park!) I came to abrupt halt in my heels, there they were, the Converse baby socks I've been after for 6 months...;

Available in Office Shoes

These gorgeous socks are available in Office for aged 0-6 months and are £10 for the 2 pairs... Choices of red and white, blue and white, pink and white - needless to say, my first purchase!

Next stop, Zara... (via Mango, more on that another day...), It is next to Scribbler so, worth popping in..

To be honest, I've been searching for a certain necklace since I blogged about it back in February here...;

It's proven to be a popular choice as it's been sold out in every Zara I've been in since..(Birmingham, Bristol on several occasions, Cancun, London, Terminal 3 Heathrow)..I'd even registered on their website (which is a good service) to let me know when it was back in stock...Unfortunately, I was away at the time and it soon disappeared again...I have searched high and low in stores, checking behind every accessory, getting on my tip toes and crouching down by the shoes...nothing...I've was even taunted by Walpod on WIWT who posted the very necklace on Friday...

The good news is, I found it on a mannequin and after some serious grovelling, was able to purchase it and I've worn the hell out of it ALLLLL weekend...;

It's mine, all mine!

It's first outting, my uncles 'significant' birthday celebrations in the Midlands..

Necklace - Zara, buy here (act fast)
Jeans - Topshop, last year
Suit jacket - NW3
Tee - Zara last year
Sandals - Aldo, bought recently and already cost per wear down to a couple of quid!! Buy here.


Well, kinda'... I did have a try on, may as well, I was there after all...I did buy a couple of things which will follow in time...In the meantime, the dress I didn't buy (and will probably haunt me for not doing so...)..;

*serious face* 

This dress stood out to me, mainly because of the colour yet, I didn't buy because I didn't feel quite right in it.. It's not a very forgiving dress (hence, I could see a trace of my belly button) so have left it on the rail for now...Maybe, I'll get my ass down the gym and it may feature in my wardrobe soon..(ish)..Really though, a fab dress, light in fabric and perfect for summer parties! I love the back of it too! You can buy the dress here. Note to self - When knowing you aren't feeling on top form, don't join your picture with a skinny ass model from the Zara website...FAIL.

The statement necklace in this photo is also Zara and was in 'the bag' until I found THE ONE! This necklace isn't showing online so that would indicate it is about to sell out in store, you want it, act now!

The phone case is Ted Baker from Proporta and all Mission;Style readers get 20% at checkout by applying discount code MISSIONSTYLE (you are welcome).. 

There was one last purchase, not for me either...My fabulous friend, Kirstie has had her eye on a dress in Zara...I love it but, it wouldn't love me and my 'petite' frame...(I picture me getting a heel caught in it just prior to me landing with it over my head as I hit the front of a crowded bar, probably...) So, whilst in Zara, I thought I'd save her a trip and picked it up...(heaven forbid, it was sold out when she went to get it!)..;

And, friend of the year award goes to....

You can buy the cream floaty dress here , don't be put off by the online pics, apparently it looks so much better on!!.

My reward for being a thoughtful (my words, I'm sure she was thinking it) friend was given on delivery of said dress on my way home...;

A great way to start the weekend!

Welcome and thank you all in one - Champers and truffles! 

Whilst sipping away Friday evening, I was introduced to an amazing purchase Kirstie had made..;

PRIMARK sandals, £10!!!!! What beauts!!!

I predict another sell out, how amazing are these Primark sandals?!? Jeans, the Zara dress, shorts, dress leggings (not those you wear around the house)...I expect to be seeing a lot of these!

Just one last note to finish off, yesterday was a lovely day, a precious day with family who had travelled from Edinburgh, London and us from the South West...we laugh a lot! 

I have to note my beautiful mum who's opening line to me yesterday was "Hello Sweetheart, ohhhh, love that necklace (my new favourite Zara one) you like my statement necklace (said so proudly)...ohhh come have a look at my new red jeans..." .... I swell with pride and love! 

My mum and the apple of our eyes, Thomas...grandson and nephew..

My weekend round up is done...Do you have an item you've hunted down and found? Do you have one you are still looking for..? Do you have an unhealthy obsession with shopping?


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  1. Soz if I'm stalking you....but love this post!!

    Nothing like finally finding summat you've been searching for...well played....and the necklace looks STUNZ on you.

    Oh and Tom is totes adorbz :)

    1. Haha! Not at all beautiful, I love your comments!!

      My sense of satisfaction is immense after bagging the neck wear ; )
      Thank you!!!

      Oh and isn't he!!!
      Mwah x

  2. Great post right arm xxx say hi to Kirstie for me


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