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The Jumpsuit Obsession Continues...

I sense a theme...

Maybe because they hide a multitude of sins, maybe because it's an outfit in a oner and I don't have to think about putting stuff together (and whether the top's washed/ironed/being worn by a friend etc) , maybe...maybe, I have a new obsession..?!

As ever, a crazy week... you know you're busy when an internet shopping parcel arrives on Monday and you shoehorn 5 minutes in on a Thursday night to rip it open and examine your purchases...My new benchmark for busy!

The River Island parcel was worth the wait and although I haven't got further than this yet, it all looks like a keeper so more to follow soon!

In the meantime...;

I'm NOT doing the Time Warp here... Not quite sure what I was trying to achieve.. Anyway, side profile of the new jumpsuit!


I ordered the XS and Small to try, I'm wearing the XS above and I'm gonna' hold on to this one as I prefer the slim fit... at my height, I can't afford bagginess, I end up looking as wide as I do tall!! 

The trousers are finished with an elasticated cuff which I have used to my advantage here to give a cropped come 7/8 effect... (cards on the table, they were slightly too long and I got 'ankle bag' with them down...)

Because this was a quick try on when I got in tonight I've not really styled it up however, the options are endless and you will see more of this, that's a promise! As I write, I'm thinking my new white cropped Mango blazer...(Oh and I've not even mentioned that yet..To Be Continued...). Just in case you are struggling to justify such a purchase, I'm already thinking I could wear in the winter (or now even!!!) with a jumper (voila just another pair of patterned pants), biker jacket, denim shirt...

For now..;

Jumpsuit - River Island, buy here.
Heels - The ASOS I'm killing, some lookalikes shown in this post.
Belt - ASOS, an under worn item in my wardrobe as I bought two similar at the same time..I got this one just before Christmas but there are loads around now.

In other news, I'm sat having the roots done after work (which has totally got rid of the brassy holiday hair) and I'm informed the guy next to me (who sounded hammered by all accounts), was a famous footballer...(lost on me..)..Obvs, not one to miss out, I tried to get a couple of sneaky shots but alas, I captured nothing but my own shoulder...Shame, he was also having his roots touched up.... I could have sold my story for shoes..!

Have you got a new clothing obsession...? How would you style this River Island jumpsuit?



  1. love a good jumpsuit!
    this one is lovely- perfect for spring-summer. i think it's work with little denim jacket and some brown sandals too to dress it down a bit.
    lovely blog.
    hope you're well?
    laura xx

  2. Thanks Laura!! Good shout on the denim jacket and sandals too!
    Glad you like the blog, thank you!! I'm great thanks, I'm off to check out your blog now ; ) x

  3. Hot jumpsuit, very edgy! Really suits you


  4. nicee!
    visit my blog:


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