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Hola - Part Dos...

Jet lag has finally taken a hold, that combined with the fact half the clocks in my house say one time and the others (thanks to modern technology) have automatically updated to show spring time, I'm all over the place...does the speaking clock still exist..? 

Tonight, I bring you the final instalment of the holiday outfits, I have a lot more to post/ramble on about however, the heavy eyelids will not allow power blogging this evening... oh yeah and, back to work with a smash in the face tomorrow, up at 4am...probably sensible I keep it brief (ish)..

Day 5...

A fairly uneventful day by the pool... The major events of the day were 1) Watching an elderly American lady who'd been smashing Mai Tai's all day get in the pool with her electronic cigarette...2) Realising that the pool bar made these fine looking cocktails...;

And the award for 'Best Cocktail Presentation' goes to....

This particular evening was a fairly chilled night all told, sushi and a few drinks, mainly because this was also the day the SUN really took a hold on me... I managed to burn my eyebrows (????!!!) ...Fo' real... It looked like I'd accessorised with two red slugs where the usually quaffed brows used to be and although I briefly contemplated cutting a fringe in, I decided that it was more sensible to wear my 'fro down...I say 'fro mainly because my hair does not react well in the heat, think Monica (off of Friends, although I resisted the urge to get me some corn rows)...;

The outfit.... with the exception of the Aldo sandals probably equates to £15!!! An H&M tube skirt (you need one of these in your life, I have 2..) that is an easy chuck on with anything at night and then gets demoted to a bikini cover up the next day. A bandeau for about £3 from New Look and then a sheer dip hem top from Primark...This outfit does not allow for overeating though, the overhang would be clear for all to see!!

Day 6...

The holiday dynamics changed slightly today because the 80 others or so from work arrived... The first evening dinner was classed as 'casual' so it was all about flats and shorts...;

You'll notice the do, I spent a fair while straightening it because the evening plans were all indoors under the saviour that is, AIR CON!!

Day 7...

In all honestly, I was really torn over this River Island dress, I'd packed it but left the labels on... That said, it isn't fitted and has fabric twist/clever baggy bit around the middle, most needed for the inevitable mid holiday expansion...My love for Mexican food has without doubt, had a negative effect on the size of my ass..(I wore the dress...)!!!

Yeah, the hair is back up...

Day 8...

A major change in the weather, it was borderline Baltic conditions on the day we had a speedboat tour around the lagoon, mangroves, reef and open sea...Ones wardrobe wasn't prepared for this...I figured it was probably a passing storm and soldiered on with shorts, vest and bikini..Luckily, I'd taken my new Chanel aviators, they double up as eye protection when the hail storm kicked in when I was flooring speedboat out at sea... 

When we got back to the hotel, it was a hot shower and a quick trip over to Zara (luckily over the road) to buy a long sleeved top and scarf...I KID YOU NOT!! 

On the up side, that evening I got to wear the ASOS jumpsuit... In fact, the whole outfit was ASOS...;

Day 9...

This is the last evening outfit I bring you...Although, not the actual last night of the trip... Mainly because 1) I re-wore the same one again...(the blue ZARA combo) from Day 4 2) I got on the beers mid afternoon, didn't take a pic anyway and then finished the night inside (yep, walking around like I was sneaking up on people) the 8 foot ornamental cactus that had been part of the decorations for our beach party/dinner....not one of my finest moments (I'm sorry mum...)..;

The lace skirt was from Zara last summer, the belt is my trusty jewelled/studded ASOS number and the plain satin vest was from Warehouse, again, last summer...I may look calm here, I'd gone for a late afternoon siesta (cocktail induced) and woke up 3 hours later, 5 minutes AFTER pre-dinner drinks had started...Up, shower, out...sub 25 minutes..A PB for me..

Reading Material

I'm not a big reader (I can read obvs, just don't have time usually)...However, I love lying on the beach with my kindle ploughing through girlie reads...I picked a couple of stinkers to start but then, took an amazing recommendation from my (always head in a book) bezzie, Lil...I hadn't come across Lucy-Anne Holmes before and although I loved her books, I'm gutted there are only 3 (that's 3 more than I've ever written of course..). I can not recommend her work enough, full on flip-top-head funny content that, I dare you not to relate to..

The two I've finished...Must reads!

I'll leave you with my final thoughts on Cancun..;



  1. Welcome back! Love all your holiday looks, so nice to be able to wear summer clothes! X

    1. Thank you!!! I love summer clothes, they're fun and bright!! It's hard throwing jumpers back on now though..:-( x

  2. Thanks Joan! I'm sorry for the late reply, I've been away and just catching up now! i'll do this this week ;-) x

  3. Such a fab read I'm off on holiday a week today and I think I'll be doing a last minute hunt for a bright coloured playsuit, the pink is stunning on you!!!

    I've just started a blog of my own and would love to get your opinions on the post -

    Bex x x x


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