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POTW - Leather Skirt Love...

Investing in a trend is one thing, I quite possibly need to SLOW DOWN on the leather purchases as I've made a 'couple' of cheeky buys in the last few of weeks, one of which is this leather skirt from H&M! 

FYI - Mission:Style isn't going all dark and changing it's purpose, I'm just loving the leather storm that's banging around at the moment! The High Street is literally bulging with leather goods at the moment!

The photo's for this POTW stop here I'm afraid - I was away on a spa weekend with my school friends and we started drinking champagne in the hot tub mid afternoon yesterday and that didn't bode well for the outfit/photo prep a few hours on..

I've been holding out wearing it 'cos 1) I had a girls weekend to wear it for 'dressed up' 2) It just didn't feel right wearing it with my biker boots prior to this... THIS.IS.HOW.MY.BRAIN.WORKS.

You can buy my skirt here.
Top - Vintage cream lace top from Topshop, buy here.
Heels - A previous POTW champion, the Zara corset heel, as featured here.
Clutch - Please please don't get bored of it, I'm proving that the Michael Kors Selma clutch is worth it, my cost per wear must be into single figures now!! Featured as a POTW here.

Annnnnd, here's a small selection of what I'm lovin', I realise that my selection below is all dark in colour, I guess that it looks more 'genuine' and less plastic in these colours...Let's be honest, they are all wearable!
I love this quilted one from Fashion Union - buy here for a purse friendly £20!!!

Because ever since the skort landed, I have loved this shape! This is the one I have hunted and not found until now, it's back in stock on the Oasis website, buy here.

Because it's not black... Love this colour - add baby pink fluffy jumper!
YAY, it's not black!! I love this colour, just add a baby pink fluffy jumper! 10/10 for this skirt from Next, buy here.

Alexa nails the casual leather look...
I heart this so much...No pun obvs although,  Ms Chungs clutch is from Accessorise!

Have you invested in leather? What are you wearing?

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