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POTW - The Coatigan...

Meet....The Coatigan!! 

Coatigan = a coat shaped, cardy, not woolly, like a coat but, not a coat...Clear?! Good!

I've been hunting down a boyfriend coat for weeks, every one I tried on completely swamped my frame so much so, it looked liked I've dived into the dressing up box from a great height...

*Coatigan (in petite!!!) enters stage left*

I spotted this on ASOS last week and thanks to a next day delivery, have lived in it for the last couple of days! It's not lined or particularly warm (who cares when you're shopping) but, it's perfect (and got a lot of love at the shops today)!! 

I went for 2 sizes smaller than I am and I'm really pleased with it and because it's not a heavy wool structured coat, it sits well and moves with me.

Outfit 1...

Weekday selfie...

Coatigan - ASOS, see all here
Leather pants - Miss Selfridge recently but, not online.
Heels - Rupert Sanderson.

Outfit 2...

As worn today on a 'little' trip to the shops...

Jeans - Old ones from River Island.
Bag - Portman, a few months ago and no longer online.
Top - A plain cream Topshop number that is also not online.
Boots - New from Aldo and on their maiden voyage today, buy here.

Sooo anyways, today.... I popped into town to return a few items from a midweek online shopping frenzy and on the way home, dropped into the huge mall near me, Cribbs Causeway...

The sole reason; Warehouse had moved to a new store and had an incredible upgrade!! Not only that, they were hosting a whole day of make overs, giveaways and free fashion illustrations...The store was buzzing, gorgeous girls were out front handing out crackers, all loaded with prizes and discounts off your purchases!! 

Here's my illustration by the incredibly talented Jacqueline (follow on twitter @JABissett ) of Illustration Web ..;

It's already up in my wardrobe... I LOVE IT!!! 

Jacqueline - creating my illustration..

Post illustration/changing room shot buying the belt (with the 15% discount I won) to go with the coatigan. Buy the belt here.

A massive THANKS to Warehouse for the discount, illustration and make over - what a way to spend a Saturday!!

Thoughts on the coatigan? How would you wear it? Are you struggling with the boyf coat cut?


  1. I cannot do oversized at all, bought a Zara coat last wk and looked like a pin head in it. Hoping the Isabel Marant coat will be sort of oversized, as I love the trend. Never thought to look at petite though, it might be an option for me, but I have long arms so may be a disaster- worth a go though! Love those Aldo boots, very elegant indeed. X

    1. There are so many nice ones, I love the camel one in Zara (and Gap come to think of it)...Pin head, HAHA!! Fingers crossed for the IM one ;-)

      You should have a look at petite ones, ASOS have loads on the link within this post.

      I was undecided on the boots and they have been bagged up to take back for a couple of weeks... I opened the box a couple of days ago and fell back in love with them...Major result! Thanks xx

  2. Love this coat (as you know) and.......
    your outfit today is TOTALLY gorge :)

    That illustration is fab too!

    1. Thanks Sweets!!

      I'm loving the illustration, is it wrong I keep looking at it...? ;-) x

  3. I love this jacket you on but I know I just couldn't work it. I am a generous 12 or 14 (in skinny shops like Zara) and I have quite wide shoulders so I'm worried I'd look all shoulders in a boyfriend or car coat. So annoying as they're everywhere. I'd love to get your help with finding a long military jacket - I'm in love with the Balmain one Khloe Kardashian was wearing last week - but can't push to £1k price tag! x

    1. Thank you!!! Erm, £1k is a little excessive ;-) Try French Connection, Whistle and All Saints.. I had a little browse and they have some xx

  4. Love it on you by the way! x

    1. HAHA, just saw this comment too, thank you!! x


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