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OOTDs and No Shopping…Kinda'

As the month is passing by, I'm sorta' settling in to this 'no shopping' thing (understanding it's only the 8th!!)… Don't be misjudging me, the self enforced ban ends at midnight on 30th June and I'll be hitting it at 12.01am on 1st July, hard!

On the upside, I'm revisiting some old favourites whilst, incorporating the new…;

In with the girls…

This whole outfit was based around the AMAZING Secret Garden statement necklace sent to me last week by Pink Lovebird Boutique - I LOVE IT!

I decided to go plain on the outfit for the sake of the stunning feature necklace - I was channelling my version of boiler suit chic… (just with a chambray shirt and battered jeans instead… does this make sense..Can you see where I was going with this...?)

This look got a whole load of love on the Today I'm Wearing website with this write up… (Did they mention me and Rhi Rhi in the same piece??!)

It's been a while since I knocked a selfie out… Why not?

I popped in to Waitrose before going to my friends house and got stopped twice over the Secret Garden necklace - Buy here.

The rest of the details from that day…

Jeans - Mango, before Christmas.
Shirt - That Chambray one from Gap that just goes with everything!
Bag - Tia bag from Stella & Dot that was gifted to me last year and still available here (worn as a clutch but has a shoulder strap too). Buy here.
Sunnies - £3.99 special from H&M just before the shopping ban.
Sandals - These are them feed shredders from Zara.. Nude perfection (if you have plasters!) - The link for the nude isn't working… here's the black.

Birthday BBQ...

This is the bomber jacket I wore in my last post…I'd actually bought it for this very BBQ…(I couldn't wait to wear it obvs) and this was the look I was going for…*phews*..

Floral Bomber Jacket - This arrived just before the shopping ban, it's sold out now!
Jeans - These are Topshop (Jamies) that I bought last year…As soon as this ban is over I'll be hunting down more following a nasty hotdog/mayo/ketchup incident which, after the second wash, has proved near fatal for said jeans!! 
Sleeveless blouse - This is another old thing from New Look a couple of years ago.
Sandals - Old faces from Zara.
Bag - Mulberry Cecily Flower from last summer. 
Aviators - Michael Kors

Sunny Sunday…

In a bid to rework items in the wardrobe that are overlooked when 1) the sun is shining 2) there isn't an 'occasion' or 3) there's something similar that's newer, I dug out this skirt that I bought in Oz last year for an airing.

Today, there was sun and no 'special' plans, apart from a trip to the shops (keep reading) and a drink with the Hubby...

The 'tuck' is too much on this shot…Oh well..

Layering on the neck

Tee - & Other Stories tee that has proved an amazing buy - featured here, buy here.
Skirt - Shieke, Australia last year.
Sandals - You know these Zara ones so well… You can buy the same here now.
Bag - Mulberry Cecily Flower - I bough this last summer and have used it more in the last couple of months than I did all last year!! 

Forgive me, I have shopped…. AND IT TOTALLY DOESN'T COUNT!! I've invested in a new lens for my camera so I'll be showcasing some of my pics soon - If you're interested in cameras and all that, this is what I've bought - here.

I'll be back in a couple of days to showcase my June Wishlist (it's only 8th!)


  1. The camera lens deffo doesn't count :))

    Love the white's insane!!!!!

    Got so much to tell....hopefully later :))

  2. I love your' 'styling around the necklace' it looks spot on. I love the fact that you were stopped in Waitrose obviously a better class of shopper ;0) H xx

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