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Life In Shorts….

Please please let this weather hang around…PLEASE! 

I know the golden rule of blogging is that you don't apologise for going AWOL and not posting.. Yeah well, I'm sorry… There I said it! 

This last week has been none stop, literally insane times including me driving the length of the UK in 24 hours (as well as working)…Hence the lack of OOTD and posting! 

That said, it wasn't all work, I had Friday off to spend time with one of my besties in Brighton (Hove actually, she'll freak if I don't add that!).

There's some OOTD and ahem, a couple of purchases (with justifications, of course)…

Hitting the pub for the England game… (less said about that eh..?)

Ignore the very tired face!
Knee length denim shorts - Very very old…Earnest Sewn. I have a love hate relationship with these… I love them when they fit, I hate them when they don't.

Vest - J.Crew…that one I picked up in Vegas.

Sandals - Them Zara ones…

Belt - Leopard belt from Sheike in Oz.

Bag - My very favourite Mulberry Cecily.

Hitting the wedding dress shops…(she bagged a beauty by the way!)

Confession 1… The shorts are new…it's still June…BUT, if I said they were purchased with a voucher does that count?

Shorts - F&F!! They are in store now but not showing online however, these ones are amazing too!

Cami - A well used one from Topshop last year.

Sandals - Pull & Bear and in the sale, buy here.

Bag - This is also new (a gift from aforementioned bestie) from Pull & Bear, buy here. Lil also invested (that's loose, it was £10!!) in this too in a tan colour… I love it!!

Dinner with the girls...

Peplum top - Bought early Spring from Zara.

Statement Necklace - One of last years best purchases from Zara.

Jeans - Topshop Jamies from last summer.

Clutch - Michael Kors Selma

Sandals - Sooooo, these are new (confession 2)…I bought them before the shopping curfew, they didn't fit, I returned them, I reordered them in a 4! So yeah…I LOVE THEM! They are ridiculously comfortable for a start and oh errrrm, less than £25!! That said, the ankle strap makes me feel a little 'Lindsay Lohan…'. These sandals are New Look from ASOS, buy here.

What Lil wore...

Big up to Lil (who writes a very witty travel blog) for taking my pics! Lil wearing a new top from Laundry Boutique and that Pull & Bear bag that I have in black!

I'll be back later this week to share another purchase that I'm very excited about annnnnd, before it looks like I've broken all the rules, the hubster treated me… (no guilt needed).



  1. great outfits!

  2. Fab piccies on the!
    And oh- WHAT A MORON I AM- I meant to say I love your SHORTS, not skirt...oooops!
    (Whichever way..beautiful print)

    Annnddd...I'm excited Lil is a Hove girl- more to say on this!! (I was once one too!)

    PS Fab bag purchases :))
    PPS New shoes.....ADORE!!!
    PPPS Gifts deffo do not count, ditto voucher buys :))

    1. Thank you… Lil is a keeper with the camera!!

      I LOVE Hove, it's the perfect Saturday morning place!

      MWAH x

  3. I adore the black and white with the MK clutch. Lovely. H x ( well done to your' friend, bless)

    1. Thank you… sometimes simple works doesn't it? Lil is definitely a keeper with the camera ;-) x


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