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Window Shopping - The Growing Wish List

I'm not a huge fan of these 'e-card' things but this sums it up, perfectly…(Window shopping only, of course)

As of today, we are officially half way through June and good God does it feel lengthy…I'm loving the weather and all that but, I'm having ridiculous withdrawals from the world of retail therapy! 

The conclusion so far is;

Yes, I have lots of clothes
No, I don't want to wear them all….

The latter will see a huge selling spree on Depop at the end of this month - I'm gonna' get RUTHLESS with my shizzle! *gulps*

Of course, there will need to be some purchases, if nothing else, re-wearing has highlighted gaps/wants in the wardrobe department! 

The Wish List…(so far)…

Because the combo of the jumpsuit, kimono and Zara orange heels make my heart beat very fast… The Zara loose fit striped dress is a staple and would look relaxed with them Dune slides or, fierce with the Zara orange sling backs! 

I need metallics in my life… I had these Next courts on before the self enforced shopping ban…I will buy them! The Warehouse metallic slides will just be perfect for everything laid back! The Zara bag, just 'cos! I neeeeeed black shorts, these will happen and yes, long line skorts are floating my boat!!

I LOVE all of these combos - again, they are inevitable purchases. Jeans from Toppers (where else?!). The black strappy Topshop sandals need to replace the current ASOS feed shredders (having established I can't walk more that 500 yards in mine now… The left hand floral combo from H&M is perfect for a wedding I have and the remaining two tops, green features and then stripes… YES YES YES!

OOTD - The Vineyard...

Yesterday we took some 'time-out' and visited a vineyard in Devon, Yearlstone. The weather was text book glorious and the views, stunning!! 

The outfit of choice was actually my second choice… See the H&M cami top I'm wearing…Well, I ordered the matching shorts at the same time (circa 7 weeks ago) and I got an email last week saying they were on the way…Still.Not.Arrived! I realllllly wanted to wear the co-ord!

Them Pull & Bear sandals that have saved my feet this summer!

Top - H&M - sold out online but definitely in store now!
Shorts - These were from Zara a couple of months ago although I can't find a link now..
Bag - That Gucci Disco ;-) 

Finally, I'm sorry if I haven't been replying to comments kindly left on my posts, for some reason the notifications stopped (probably me pressing something I shouldn't have…). I LOVE to hear from you so always feel free to comment! 



  1. Love your yellow shorts! Need them in my wardrobe :)

    1. Thanks Nicola! Get yourself to the Zara sale!! x

  2. I have the Zara jumpsuit, I love it, not usually grateful for small boobs but helps being bra less in this.
    Lucie xx

    1. I love it, I need it!! I hope it fits ok as I'm not exactly tall and probably need a bra ; ) x

  3. Keep strong!!!
    (I realise this is a bit rich coming from me!!)

    Love all these pieces..been meaning to mention to you about Jamies coming in petite now..they'll be such a good buy come July!

    Oh, and the weekend outfit was lush :)

    1. I'm struggling! The saaaallllles!! Argh!

      I'm all over them Jamie's on the 1st!!

      Thanks sweet x

  4. I feel your pain on the H&M delivery...I've been waiting for a delivery since the beginning of May!! Grrr!! Fingers crossed your shorts arrive sharpish!! x

    1. Sometimes they are quick, mostly they are veeeeery slow! They actually arrived yesterday and are far too big, gutted!! X


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