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Eeny, Meeny, Miny…BOTH?

That goes without saying…

Most of my outfits start from the feet up…Footwear is chosen for the occasion, weather conditions, how far I have to walk and then the overall look I'm going for…Easy, not always!!

Maybe this is why I have sooo many pairs of shoes..? In fact sometimes, the whole "I've got nothing to wear" is usually down to not having the shoes I want to go with a look and then changing the whole outfit to fit the footwear.. In fact, even by just writing this, the realisation has sunk in that this is likely the case…

I'm not a shoe snob, you know by now that two of my favourite pairs are 1)Valentino and 2) Primark…If I love the shoe and it doesn't look cheap then, BINGO! 

Well, new season means new shoes and there are so many out there that I've screen shot, favourited, added to basket etc etc…Two of which appeared on the radar this week when flicking through Look Magazine…;


Sorry about the poor image - I've had to screen shot from Look as I can't find them on the Topshop website…(they'd be on order if they were)…I love the yellow heel and the contrast with the greys…These would really liven up my battered boyfriend jeans and EVERYTHING!!


These look AMAZING too annnnnnnd, they are an end of January friendly £15!!!! Buy them right here.

I LOVE BOTH!! Granted they are very similar but not, right?! 

Just when I though I'd narrowed it down though, these beauts appeared on my Instagram feed today courtesy of New Look..;

I like the look of these, they don't look like they'll shred your tootsies at the front….This is a good thing, especially as they are light grey and blood is so hard to get out! Buy here.

What do you think? As soon as I get my sticky paws on these I'll let you know the outcome! 


  1. I love shoes too. I can't get enough of shoes. Good finds
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

  2. The New Look ones are PERFECT - I need a wider front band like that that keeps my weird toes in check:)

  3. Love this new shape of shoe. Gorgeous Top Shop ones x

    1. I lived in a pair similar last summer from Zara, they are winners!

  4. I say get all three :)
    Saw the Matalan ones in Look...and thought.....'ave it!!

    Lolz at the Frenchie said in Grease...'beauty is pain' :))

  5. Love all these Karen, we have the exact same tastes in shoes. The Topshop ones are right up my street, especially with the yellow block heel!

  6. These are all gorgeous, I have some ones similar from New Look but they cut in to my toes, boo! Can't wait to see how you style them if you get them :)


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