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The Camel Coat...


Whhhhhy….*shakes fists at sky*…??!!

Why do I decide I realllllly want something just as there's none left, ANYWHERE!! 

Continuing the coat obsession this season,  one of the colours that's been on the radar has been camel…I've been on the hunt for what feels like FOREVER!! Before Christmas I surveyed, got me a short list and then, just as I was about to pounce they all hit the sales and BOOM, sold out in my size… Of course, I hunted them, I called stores with the determination that if they had got one I'd try emotionally bribing staff to hold it for me til I got there… Nothing..

One of the reasons I chose the name 'Mission;Style' was that if I set my mind on something, I make it my mission to find…For this reason, I haven't given up, the determination has been frightening…That said, I was close to spending ridiculous cash on getting the perfect one!! I've stalked users on WIWT, asking where their new amazing camel coats were from…Alas, still no joy pour moi...

Finally, in another trawl on ShopStyle searching a generic 'camel coat' there it was…. ASOS…Oddly, this coat never came up when searching ASOS but still, it was there and, in PETITE!! 

The petite cut is perfect and although they were low on stock, I went for a super small size as I didn't want it to drown me! 

I LOVE the red colour pop under the collar and also the flash that shows in the lapel pocket!

Find this gorgeous camel coat on ASOS here.

Bag - Sophie Hulme.
Jeans - Old Topshop Lacey (in petite)
Converse Mid Tops
Jumper - Zara, I got this one in Oz back in September.
Chunky Necklace - Again, an old piece from Mango.
Sunnies - Michael Kors.

The gorgeous backdrop is Cheddar…It's been a gorgeous day (no rain!!!) with the family, doing the tourist thing… My mums face lit up when she saw this sign…

Needless to say we invested in the mulled cider…It was cold out, we were thirsty and it was just a quid…(after we'd sampled plenty!)

What d'ya think of the new camel coat? 
Do you go on a 'mission' when you have to have something?


  1. Love, love, love the jeans and the coat <3 xxx

    1. Thanks Charlotte!!

      I love your checked coat!! x

  2. Stop.Everything.


    (Same thing totally happens to me on ASOS btw...and on Office too...
    their search thingy just doesn't search very well?!?)
    PS Tons more to say on incoming (hopefully tomoz or Mon)

    1. Isn't it?! ; ) thanks!!

      I think if there's several colour options it throws the search... What do I know?!

      Ps. Clearing inbox in anticipation ; ) x

  3. I've been on the look for a camel coat for years but always miss out for one reason or another. The one that I really wanted was a 2012 Kooples one. Oh if I'd been made of money, it would have been mine.

    But yours is a goody - but I want buttons on mine. And the picture of your mum just reminded me that I still have a bottle of mulled cider stashed away somewhere. :o)

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      \f0\fs26 \cf2 \cb3 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0
      \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 It's like an itch you can't scratch isn't it... I was getting to the point where the credit card was gonna have to take a smash to get something! Honestly, buttons were my choice too really... I comprised on fit ; ) \
      Enjoy the cider!! x }

    2. I have no idea what that weirdness is above??? x

  4. I managed to nab the Zara one in the sale - I love it - lovely and lightweight and perfect for Atlanta weather - I love wearing it as you have with jeans and sneakers and it does go with everything! Yours looks great - it's so frustrating when you can't find what you want! xx

    1. I loved the Zara one, it was just too long for me :( I'm gonna' be living in this, I know it!

      Thank you!

      PS. I love your M&S checked one! x

  5. It looks ace on you sweet. I really want a pale pink or cream coat but I'm not sure it'll last any more than 2 weeks before I ruin it! Jo x

    1. Thanks Jo! I love the pink and cream ones too... I fear the life expectancy too for ruining! X

  6. This coat is so perfect! I have been looking for a camel coat for so long, I'm just gutted I can't fit into Petite :( xx

    1. Thanks Olivia! I've just seen a gorgeous one in River Island... GO!!! ; ) x

  7. Hi! I recently bought this same coat because I love it so much. I had the same problem though since there was only one size available and now that I received it it's a tad bit too small for me. Seeing as you're a very petite girl and your coat looks quite roomy, is there any chance you would want to trade? xx

    1. Hi! I would consider a trade - what size is yours? Mine is the 4, I went small to avoid the oversized drowning look :-) x

    2. Ahh that's too bad, mine is a 4 too! It's just the shoulder area that's a cm or 2 too tight on me. Such a shame since it's such a beautiful coat! Thanks for your reply :) xx


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