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There's Somebody At The Door...

Oh yeah, it's ME!
Rain, rain, go away…. like really, pleeeeeassse….you're messing with my outfit shots! 

A bit of a mental week this week, asides from being fully back into work, I've been planning some exciting posts for the next few weeks! Whilst they are under construction, I thought I'd share a couple of outfit posts from the last few days, both of which, taking salvation from the constant rain at the front door!


Recognise the shirt…?

After surviving the 'Rock Hard Conditioning' class on Sunday morning (sweaty fringe 'n' all), I needed brunch….Eggs Benedict has NEVER tasted so good!

I'm feeling the layering thing right now…

Shirt - You've seen this before, turns out it was a good £14.99 spent in H&M a couple of months ago! It's not online now however, River Island have similar here.
The Knit - Again, this super soft Topshop biker knit was bought a couple of months ago, they have similar here (and it's in the sale!)
Jeans - These beauties are from Primark!! £7 of denim and worth every single penny!! They are amazingly comfortable, the perfect black annnnnnd, for those vertically challenged, available in PETITE!! (Yes, Primark, nice move!)
Bag - Prada.
Heels - Just before I stepped out the door I had my leopard print heels on…I really liked the clash between the prints..(and although I don't get 'told' what to wear) the hubster kinda' looked at them in a conversation provoking manner..

Me - "What?"…
Him - "Nothing"...(still glancing at said leopard prints)
Me - *Stares between him and the leopard prints*
Me - *Quite possibly an audible sigh*
Him - "You wear them quite a bit…"

(What he doesn't realise is that I've been eyeing up the Louboutin leopard print pumps annnnnd, as "I wear them so often'….You know exactly what is gonna' happen…he justified them for me!!)

The result, a quick change into some gorge patent heels I picked up from Zara before Christmas…(was he right?) ...These were from the budget TRF line at Zara and a purse friendly £25!!! I can't find these online either but have definitely seen them in store in the last couple of weeks..

Just doing stuff…

You know, them days where you chuck something on to do 'stuff'…(beanie to hide the bad hair day, for example…)

Back at 'the door'...

Coat - I've had some amazing wear out of this Vila animal print fur coat featured here. It's no longer online either…Soz.
Jeans - The trusty Primark ones as above.
Breton Top - The old faithful H&M one from last year! Today I'm Wearing tweeted this outfit, noting that 'everyone should have one of these in their wardrobe'…It's true, I'm always drawn to this rail in stores… You can't have too many!
Beanie - A Crimbo pressie from Topshop.
Aviators - Michael Kors.

Moving on to a sneaky bit of my SS14 news/wishlist…I'm craving YELLOW…I'm online shopping and just searching, 'yellow'…

I spotted this sweatshirt in H&M earlier this week, chucked a fab white blazer with it on the rail (you're welcome H&M)…I'm thinking this is probably gonna' happen, soon..

That's it from me, Happy Friday!


  1. Missed your posts Karen. Love your outfits especially the check shirt. Think I'm going for mustard this season, love that sweatshirt and you're right, the white blazer looks fab x

    1. Awww, thank you (twice)!! Mustard is a good shout too! I'm thinking the sweatshirt, jacket and my go-to battered jeans…. DONE! x

  2. I have my eye on that sweatshirt too! Roll on payday! X

    1. It's beautiful… I have to pop into town tomorrow to 'return' something… I'm not saying it won't happen…;-)


  3. Hi Karen, just found the Vila leopard coat on reduced to an amazing £29.99. Needless to say I bought it right away! Can't wait to receive it!

    1. WOW!!!! Great find and worth every penny Jem!!! It really does go with everything!

      Thanks for sharing that too ;-) x


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