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What's Your Shape…?

Which one are YOU??

The body shape question has come up a couple of times in the last few days… OK, it's clear I'm petite…Surely you can be more than one of the shapes defined above?? 

The key to dressing to your shape is knowing what suits you and whatever feels good!!

I have recently done an interview for a fellow blogger on body shape and it really did make me think! There was a whole lot of 'scrap that' 'oh, hang on a minute' action before defining my body shape as 'petite' and 'athletic'…*shocker*

I'm not gonna' go and drop a complete plot spoiler on the interview as it isn't online just yet buuuut, what I can tell you is for me, dressing to my shape and size is always based on getting the right proportions and only going with trends that suit my shape…Let's face it, we all have moments when we want something to look just like it does in the photo/online/magazine and then stamped on it in the changing rooms (don't let this just be me?!) when it looks nothing like the image you had dreamt of...

The team over at BooHoo have launched a body shape challenge and every week they feature items for different shapes and sizes - Just the help we all could do with, right?! Check out the new feature over on BooHoo 

The culotte has already been featured on Boohoo in week 1 of their "Don't just wear it #OwnIt"

Shop culottes here.

I love this dress - it looks great with heels and would also looked great styled casj with flats! The dress is available here.

I'm ALL OVER jumpsuits right now!! Buy now, wear FOREVER!! Shop the BooHoo jumpsuits here.

Bomber Jackers….A couple of months ago I'm not sure I would have invested in a bomber jacket but, in my typical style shift state, they are high on the wish list! Major result that the bomber jacket has the nod for all shapes and sizes, check the BooHoo ones here.

I absolutely LOVE this pink one, it's on order as of NOW too!! 

BooHoo have the metallic tee down for petite and apple shapes, I reckon most could carry this dipped hem tee off, buy here.

The shirt dress - add belts, heels or flip flops/platform flats and wear draped open…#OwnIt

Buy shirt dresses here.

Ever since Vicky Beckham rocked the billowing smock with the drop waist there've been dupes popping up left right and blooming centre… This is the perfect one for relaxed styling or, bang a pair of courts and a blazer and #OwnIt!! 

Annnnnd finally
(In a Trevor McDonald style finale), BooHoo are running a competition over on Instagram… See you there!!! 


  1. I don't see a 'Big Fat Lump' shape for me?!
    And...god...yeah...I'm always having a hissy fit in changing rooms :) Standard!!

    Love ALL these pieces (more thoughts on the pink bomber tomoz hopefully)-
    and would deffo wear them even if they didn't suit (which they won't)

    1. You are kidding me!!!! No way, never!! You always look amazing, that's the end of it ;-) x

  2. I'm an hourglass shape. I love the idea of getting a jumpsuit but I'm not convinced the double shift dress would suit me though unless the v neck was much lower. Interesting post!


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