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The 12 Outfits Of Christmas...Part 1

'Tis the season to .....Ditch the work clothes and wear what I want...Day AND night!

I've got just under 2 (very valuable) weeks off work which means hiding away the corporate gear and playing dress up with the clothes that sometimes don't get much of an airing... I'm totally going to abuse this time to have fun with my wardrobe and experiment...

The plan is to share the '12 Outfits of Christmas' over a couple/three posts... Starting now! 

There will be mirror selfies, some decent ones from my camera and (based on my latest buys), lots of shoes and as it turns out, a generous helping sales' buys!

Dinner with the girls...

I wore this last week to a Secret Santa lunch back in my hometown...(a tradition that's 10 years old!)

Leather Skirt - Recent buy from H&M, not on their website, buy similar here.
Embellished Jumper - This was a great purchase last winter from Topshop. They have similar ones in various colours this year - buy here.
Boots - These are the Aldo ones I picked up a couple of months ago, they have been a great investment so far and I foresee much more wear over the festive break, buy here.
Clutch - This is very old, in fact, in desperate need of replacing as it's pretty much fallen to pieces in my arms, buy similar here.

A selection of the Topshop knits.


Any excuse to hit the shops...I just wanted to wear my new metallic Brogues that I bagged in the Dune sale.

Brogues - Dune, buy here (in the sale)
Aviators - Michael Kors, last season.
Bag - Prada.
Battered jeans - I can't get enough of battered jeans, it's becoming an obsession! These were from Topshop in the summer, buy similar here.
Blazer - This is one of the oldest things I own, I have tried (and failed) to find an exact replacement for this Topshop one, you can buy similar (so not the same though..) here.
Breton Top - A style staple, this one was from H&M last year, buy similar here at Gap.

Winter Walking...

This is something I don't do often at all however, I live on the coast (that's Wales in the background by the way) and it was the perfect excuse to bust out the new Mango shearling parka!

Parka - New from Mango in the sale, buy here.
Converse - These are an old buy that don't get to see the light of day that often, buy here.
Ankle Socks - I've never made a 'feature' of socks before.... These lace top ones are from Primark, buy similar here.
Black Jeans - (from the same haul) These are also Primark and wouldn't you know, they are PETITE!!! The petite range is limited at the moment, I'm praying for good things Primark!
Shirt - This is fairly recent from H&M, buy here.
Gold Necklace - This is an old one from Mango, you can buy similar here.


What I wore for drinks at the local with friends...

A thousand apologies...These pictures were 1) rushed 2) taken in my poorly lit bedroom...

Jumper - I picked this up in the H&M sale last week for £7!!! I've been searching for something like this for ages as it's a good style staple! Buy similar in the sale at Mango here.
Jeans - These are also new...(I didn't realise how much shopping I'd done until I'd started this post...). I picked these up in the ASOS sale - buy here.
Heels - These are old ones from Zara, I bought them in Cyprus a couple of years ago and I have a feeling they will be getting a serious bashing (now I've remembered I have them..). What you can't see here is that they have a thin metallic ankle strap too!
Clutch - The one and only Michael Kors Selma - SOLD OUT...Sorry.

Dinner with Friends...

Dinner at a friends house, had no idea what to wear although wanted to make an effort yet, not be too dressed up... 

Embellished skirt - This was from New Look in the summer and has only had one outing until Saturday (shame on me)... It was perfect for the 'I've made an effort but, not gone OTT look'..
Knit - I've been after a loose (boyfriend type) knit for a while, I picked this one up in the Gap sale last week (....Ahem...) for £15! No link for it but there were stacks in store.
Boots - The Aldo ones as above.

This will be my last post before the big guy rocks up on 25th sooooo until then, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hope you are spoilt rotten and have a fabulous day!! 

PS. Don't forget to hashtag your sale buys on Instagram with #IBaggedThis and tag @missionstyleuk...I love to see what everyone's been buying (disclaimer - I can't promise I won't go out and buy it)!


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