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2013 - That's A Wrap!

So here we are, at the close of 2013 and in the eve of 2014…

What a year... 12 months ago Mission;Style didn't exist... On the 16th January 2013, I threw myself out into an incredible and quite scary space... 11 months on, there's been over 136,500 page hits (which can't all be my mum, right?), a lot of learning, a rebrand, a regular Piece Of The Week feature, invites to fabulous events and some serious shopping!! 

Without getting overly soppy, I wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who's got involved, commented, supported, invited me to events, gifted and followed!!!

Cheers Y'all! 

I'm passionate about style, I love getting inspiration from others and I hope that I can give that back too in some shape or form! 

The first 12 months have flown by and one thing I didn't expect is to make some incredible new friends too - what's not to love about this!

Personally, there have been some huge highlights in 2013 (besides the sub £25 Primark shoes that created a stampede!)...

Achieving top 'sales person' in the company for the 3rd year running..(fingers crossed for the 4th?!!)

Winning a trip to Prague and Cancun...

Hearing the first laugh from my beautiful nephew and watching him grow an amazing personality...

Being nominated for European Sales Woman of the Year...

Working with brands such as F&F, Monsoon, Clarks and Stella & Dot with Mission;Style..

Meeting Liberty London Girl and learning some incredible 'blogging lessons'...

And then this... A spontaneous surprise visit to see my bestie in Oz - You can read about it here and watch the BIG moment here ...(tissues advisable, you've been warned)

Of course, it hasn't been perfect…There's been some quite shitty times too…They make you stronger, right? 

It's been an incredible year and I'm sure as soon as I hit 'post' I'll think of a tonne of other events I haven't mentioned...I'm grateful for each and every moment and I'm ready to dive head first into the next year and a new season! 

Thank you all for your support and see you on the other side!

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