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Bristol To Bondi...Part 3

Day 3...

It was this morning (my 3rd morning there), just after we had picked up coffee that I realised I'd only been there 48 hours, it honestly had felt like I'd been there weeks by this point, in a good way obviously! 

Today was a special day, the reason (in the main) why I was on the other side of the world...If you've followed the link to Andrea's post (from my first Bristol to Bondi post) then this will make sense, if you haven't and you just like looking at pictures and clothes, this is also fair enough...I would! 

The Spring temperatures cranked right up to bring another scorcher in Bondi, we walked the 'famous' (everyone talks about it if you're there or have been there) Bondi to Coogee walk, which is a slog... An up hill/steps/uneven ground slog! That said, it has the most incredible scenery and let's be honest, it's perfect for people watching and drooling over the most luxurious homes set into the landscape (over looking the ocean and beaches), I have EVER seen...Just when you think you've seen it all, there's something bigger, more elegant around the corner. The locals run this 5km trail in the crazy hot temperatures, I felt like I was gonna' combust just plodding along it!

This place is Icebergs, a restaurant come public swimming pool that looks over the beach and set into the coast line...This is actually one of my pictures (i.e. not robbed off another site), taken on my iPhone no less...A moment in time that actually I'm reasonably smug about! 

So, back to what we wore...(clearly I'm not ditching the reason I'm here for scenery shots)...

Saturday night saw a whole group of friends meet up at The Shangri La in the centre of Sydney for cocktails on the 36 floor..I had no idea what awaited us... We had to be there for 5pm to get a table... no bookings, first come first served...Just a little after 5.30pm the place was full (not in a shoulder to shoulder way, comfortably full) and we were on the 'list' for a table...There were guests in black tie, ball gowns, full uniform and then general smart/fabulousness, everyone had somewhere to be after clearly however, started their evening here...

I'd packed half my wardrobe but still, I ended up in something new and something borrowed (lets be honest, permanent loan)...The photos were a bit rushed as we were running late, probably due to the fact the the humidity had taken control of my locks and there wasn't anything I/my trusty straighteners could do about it!..;

Top - (now the property of moi from Andrea's wardrobe) - Peplum top with exposed zip detail on the back, Topshop last year.

Belt - ASOS bought last Christmas...It doesn't get much airtime as far as my accessories go, probably because I still questioned whether I looked like a superhero in it..

Skirt - This little gem was purchased just the day before in our quick rampage around the North Sydney shops. It's from Sheike (not online but check out their skirts here). I know I mentioned in my last post how much I loved this store...their pieces are just that little bit different to those in the UK and with regards to this particular skirt, I loved the cut at the bottom which, also carried on around the back...

Heels - These are the £12 Primark beauties that have (and still get) so much love, £12 people, £12...!! 

Superhero accessory...


Lace top - Purchased from Topshop earlier this year. I had tried this on early Spring time and never purchased...Andrea assured me it was back on line and YES, it's here (and in my cart!!)

Skirt - Again, Topshop earlier this year, along with the shoes too!

The detail...

We watched the sunset from the 36 floor panoramic view at The Shangri La (click here for an incredible picture of the view on their homepage) over the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House before heading off for food (only because we had to) and then dancing at Bungalow 8 in Darling Harbour...(FYI - Darling Harbour is just that, rammed full of incredible vessels with vast queues of revellers waiting to board for drinks and dancing...)

From our table at The Shangri La...The Harbour Bridge at Sunset.
Day 4...

Once the hangovers cleared, it was time to shop...The venue; Bondi Junction, an enormous piece of retail heaven under the Westfield ownership!!

Pre shopping coffee whilst admiring the Festival of Wind (1,000's of kites) on the beach..

Bag - Mulberry Cecily as featured here.
Cami - Topshop, buy here.
Trousers - New from Zara before I left, buy here.
Sunglasses - Chanel.

First stop (why break tradition), Zara!! It's weird, The Aussies are just going into Spring, in some cases it was like stepping back in time with the stock yet, there were still stacks of rails with exciting new stuff I hadn't seen! I'm guessing we were in there an hour, maybe more... who knows...What I do know is that we had more than the 10 items each for the changing room and (even when narrowed down) came out with a few bags!

Both clutching our (soon to be) buys at the till!

There were also significant purchases made in Portmans, again, another firm Aussie favourite for me now too!

The evidence and the wine... A productive day with my shopping partner!

More to follow on these purchases in Part 4, the final instalment!



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