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Season Change Panic...

We've had a pretty decent summer weather wise in the UK...Granted, I've even had a late summer break over to Bondi but jeez, it's like someone has really turned down the temperature this last week!! 

Anyone else have a bit of a wobble with what to wear when the weather changes so quickly?!! 

I'm almost filled with a bit of panic (dramatic, but true)...I know what I want to wear (kinda), I just can't create with what I've got (must try harder maybe) so, I'm just stood staring blankly at a sea of fabric in my wardrobe!

Here are a couple of my #OOTD from the last week when it was particularly nippy..(disclaimer/notice of failure... I hadn't taken these pics with a post in mind...sorry they're a bit naff detail wise...);


Jumper - I picked this one up last week from H&M. They have some gorgeous knits in there right now! I chose this one because 1) It's lightweight (I can't do full on chunky) 2) It's think enough to tuck into a leather skirt I'm currently eyeing up in there too!

Jeans - Yep - 'the' Zara ones...rough turn ups following the scissor hack off!

Striped top - This is a basic cotton top from the Hobbs line, NW3. 

Bag - (I'm sooo glad I bought this..) Portmans, Australia.

Shoe Boots - These beauties were from Steve Madden in Miami about 5 years ago... They've been in hibernation (at the bottom of the pile) for a couple of years and now, THEY.ARE.BACK! 

Where to get similar...

Jumper - This one is new from H&M and was £14.99. It isn't on their website but definitely in store!
Jeans - Zara, here.
Striped Top - Love this one from GAP, here.
Bag - Same one available from Portmans, here.
Shoe Boots - Aldo have some similar, here.


Again, not the newest outfit (like I said, staring into the wardrobe...)...

The jeans are the Topshop Lacey ones I picked up a few months ago.

The cardy...This cardy was from Warehouse a couple of years ago, it's fallen in and out of favour a few times and it so very nearly ended up on eBay not that long ago..It turns out a belt saved it!

The belt was from Seed, purchased when i was there a couple of weeks ago.

Boots - Again, these aren't new and have resided with the Steve Madden ones for about 12 months. These were from Zara.

Top - A long sleeved white jersey top from Gap, verrrry standard.

Where to get similar...

Jeans - Lacey jean from Topshop, here.
Cardy - Similar in Zara, here.
Belt - (I bought a size bigger than usual so that I could wear on the waist and with jeans...clever, eh?!). Buy similar here from Marks & Spencer.
Boots - I've really tried to find something similar... These gorgeous boots from Nine West are kinda' like here.

I regularly upload my #OOTD, you can follow them here..;




  1. Still love the wang bag!!! You look fab!!!


    1. I love it, I'm killing though!! Thank you so much xx

  2. Love the first outfit. Is the bag the ebay one or genuine WANG (hehe genuine wang)? Hannah x

  3. Love the first one!!!!


  4. Love your look!!!
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  5. Great looks!! Seems like you're adjusting to the changing seasons fabulously to me!!

    xo Noelle

    MakiMaki Vintage

  6. PLEASE come in to my life and take me shopping as my personal guide!! I love your style, first spotted on Today I am Wearing. Just wish I could put things together as well as you! Thank you for sharing :)


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