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Bristol to Bondi...The Big Surprise!


For those of you that follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook will know why I've been a little quiet of late...Basically, I had been planning a huge surprise visit to my bestie over in Oz...and now I'm back!! 

I appreciate that Sydney is the other side of the world and a fairly long way to travel for 6 days however, I knew that Andrea (bestie of 20 years!) needed a hug and her 'right arm' over this last weekend. If you want to know more about the whys or, have suffered/suffering from grief then please feel free to read Andrea's honest (and very raw) post here.

It's no secret I prepare for packing waaaay in advance, the thing is with this trip is 1) I only booked it 3 weeks before going 2) I had no idea what the plans would be once I landed soooo, my approach was pack for every eventuality and just see what happens!

On Tuesday last week I headed to Heathrow ready for the 24 hour journey...17,500km to be fairly more precise!

I travelled in a fairly basic outfit that I knew would work in both climates before and after as well as be fairly 'smartish' for the flight...As it was a serious long haul, I also packed cotton PJ's to change into and a whole host of travel toiletries...(turns out none of these were needed...keep reading)..

As my time in Oz was brief in the grand scheme of things, I opted to travel Business Class...I needed to hit the ground running when I got there and in all honesty, this girl needs her sleep! It turns out that paying that bit more gets you soooo much more...;

The lounge at Heathrow

The free Spa in the lounge..

The foot massage I know, just passing the time...

Back waiting for the flight...

In my own little sleep pod...

Drinking my body weight in Lanson, because I could!
The first part of the journey was Heathrow into Abu Dhabi, just a mere 7 hours. From there, it was more Business Class lounge action with drinks, more food (I'm pretty sure I had 4 breakfasts in a 6 hour period..). There was just enough time for a shower and then onto a Virgin Australia flight for 14+ hours!

The Virgin flight was own sleep suite (!!), more champagne, food cooked on demand, PJ's, high end toiletries, ladies own bathroom and then all I had to do is let them know when I wanted my bed making up!!! One could get very used to this...;

Cheers from the sleep suite!

Bagged PJ's!
Salt 'n' Pepper pots on Virgin Australia..*not my image*

Normally, I'd be sending regular updates on this sort of excitement to Andrea, instead, I calmly air punched every time I went to the loo...Granted, the pending surprise kept the adrenaline going!

I'd been plotting the surprise with Andrea's hubby, we had gone through various scenarios and decided that he'd take her for breakfast (as they do out there) and I'd kinda' just appear...

When I landed I was straight in a car and in Bondi (Andrea's home...there must be worse places, I'm just not sure where..) within a matter of half an hour. I nervously waited their arrival...To kill time I was messaging her asking what her plans were etc... I wished her a good day, said goodnight (as that is what it should have been for me in the UK) and said I'd speak to her later....

The next part was the surprise...I waited (not very) patiently out the back of the restaurant... See the video here which takes me from my hiding place to the surprise! I have watched this so many times and still can't hold it together! (Disclaimer...I had just got off a 14+ hour flight, please ignore the hair!!)

The shock!

The realisation!

A panoramic from their apartment in North Bondi...breathtaking!
The rest of the day we drank champagne, lunched and had drinks later on...I didn't get a good picture of our outfits on this night however, rest assured the next few posts will feature outfits, shopping buys and the incredible places we went!



  1. And don't forget the amazing baggage allowance in business class!

  2. Amazing Karen :) what a bloody good friend you are! Loved the video - it's totally priceless!


    1. Thanks Paulina!! x

      The video was a massive bonus as I didn't realise he'd filmed it all!

  3. It was probably about this time last week (my time) this was happening! Still so surreal. Bloody amazing! Love you buddy! And great post xxx

  4. Karen u are a mad woman!! You and Andrea obviously have an amazing friendship! I'm sure u are shattered now though? But all worth it I would say. X

  5. LondonerInSydney15/05/2014, 09:34

    Hi Just randomly stumbled along this post and that is so lovely what you did for her. I lost my mum 3 years ago and it honestly feels like it could have been yesterday so in a way I can relate to losing your mum too. Andrea's very lucky to have you xx

    1. Hi Annabelle!! I'm so sorry to hear that and thank you! X

      Ps. You and Andrea should meet up, she says to me exactly what you've written on your blog bio x


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