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Piece of The Week...New Feature!

If you are in the iPhone world (or even if you're not), you'd have probably been through the new iOS7 dramas this week...A friend of mine said it's like having a new phone, I agree completely....that's if it was actually working properly (grrrrr)...I've done everything, wiped it, restored etc etc... Anyhow, I'm waffling my way into why and how this new feature came about...

I had a phone full of screenshots...things I've seen online that I had every intention of going back to have a second look at, blog ideas, images from Pinterest etc etc. There were some forgotten treasures in that little lot, lost between selfies and pictures of my nephew!

So, first 'POTW' goes to an item that fell back in favour this week (mainly due to the intense drop in temperature), the Zara blush coat that I purchased back in the Spring and featured here!

I was torn about investing in this, my mum spotted it in Zara and talked me into buying it...'Mum's are ALWAYS right!'..;

Coat - Zara

Battered jeans - Zara (last year)

Tee - Topshop

Bag - Portmans, buy here

Heels - Valentino as featured here.

Topshop have this beauty in right NOW!! Go...

Wool Boyfriend Coat, buy here.

There you go, the first 'Piece of The Week'



  1. Love this coat on you & how you've styled it x

  2. Oh God.....*Hate Technology Face*
    I cannot cope with the thought of even having an iPhone...let alone updating the beast!!

    They'll have to rip my Blackbizzle from my cold dead hands (although the company'll probably be cold and dead quite a bit before then).

    But YEAH...that coat is a hottie...deffo on the list....
    speaking of which....any vouchers in your life yet?

    Lottie said they'd be with me on Friday or Saturday...but nowt nada nish thus far......

    1. Proper snorted when I just read this!! It's totally buggered and I feel like my right arm is out of action! (Too dramatic?)

      No news at all on the vouchers... My wish list is up to about £300 after a trip there today!!


  3. Oh I've dusted off this ZARA coat for this year too - I still love it.

    1. Total result, eh?! I love it more this year I think!! x


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