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*Exciting News*

 I've been asked to be a Brand Ambassador for JOY!! 

Just so we are clear, I'm not getting cash for this so I'm able to speak freely blah blah blah...

Basically, I've chosen some of my favourite pieces from their store...This in itself is quite overwhelming as there was literally hundreds of items to chose from and I, I want it all!

To narrow down my shopping haul I decided to pick a I'm so excited about, Mothers Day! My FIRST Mothers Day!! 

This seems so surreal, although I'm sat writing with some weird wafer thing crusted on to my jumper and I've already been to her Nursery and the Post Office - it's very real!

So far, I've picked these pieces from JOY..;

This book...the irony of my life right now! Since becoming a Mum, I feel like my feet never touch the ground (cliché) yet, I'm struggling to get Sh*t done! This book is great for picking up when you do have 5 minutes and makes you realise that you are just human and we all go through this (she says, side eyeing the ironing pile). Get 'round to buying the book here.

This top 'cos I always need stripes...A Breton is a no-brainer, chuck on and look like you've made half an *effort (*expect when caked in wafer). The fabric of this top is amazingly soft! I sized down. Buy here.

Oh yeah, one always needs a new bag too! This one is a total trend piece and has had several outings already. It also comes with a cross-body strap when you need to be hands-free. Buy here.

I love a bit of greenery around the house yet, I fail massively when it comes to giving care and attention to anything living that doesn't need feeding/bum changes... This gorgeous little succulent is faux and needs NOTHING from me - a keeper! I love the gold pineapple pot too! Buy here.

The ring (as shown right at the top of this post too) is beautiful and a welcome addiction to the accessories drawer! Simple, gold and delicate! Buy here.

I also picked a very hardworking white shirt for just chucking on, there are no shots of this as it's somewhere in that ironing pile. It's this one though.

We have a  JOY store in Bristol and it's always been where I pick up gifts for those who are the hardest to buy for!



  1. Ah, amazing!! :) Lovely picks - I've never bought anything from JOY but I often stare through the Bristol window haha. I hope you have the best Mother's Day with that beautiful girl of yours!

    T x

    1. You should go in!! It's amazing for gifts too : )

      I hope you're well and thank you xx


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