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What Does One Wear For...

The Polo...?

This is the question I've been asking myself since I had the invite through for the VIP Polo event at Celtic Manor on 17th June...

We are going to be hanging in the VIP tent however, after a ganders the event looks like a right crack and would be ideal for grabbing a load of friends and making a day of it!

With just under a month to go to the prestigious event at Celtic Manor, the excitement is starting to build...In no particular order...;

1) The dress
2) General excitement for the whole event
3) The dress
4) The shoes
5) Overnight in the newly voted 'UK's Best Hotel' (and hosts of the event)
6) The dress

The world is awash with very pretty dresses right now, narrowing it down to the e-procurement list  for speedy home delivery has been been tough. 
The key points for the dress are...:

- Not too booby.
- Not even booby, period.
- Not too short (mainly because my knees are showing their age).
- Not faffy. One doesn't want to be spending half the day yanking dress into position.
- Not clingy. There will be carbs and bubbly, none of which bode well for the belly.
I'm settled on floaty, maybe a floral number...Maybe.

I LOVE this dress so so much - I have it on order as it's described as short...So am I, maybe it'll work out? Post Polo, I'm thinking this could be dressed down with a khaki jacket and worn all Summer too. Link here.

I've got to order this to rule out whether it's a bit washed out or actually, a stunner that'll toughen up with a belt. Link here.

**STOP PRESS** Did you know that Zara (AKA Mecca) have a whole section on their website now for dressing up... Go! (but come back).

I'm pretty sure my Mum had one like this when I was a babe in arms... I love the dress, for me I'm ruling it out on the grounds that there's just too much fabric. If the wind blows, that neckline and my lippy are going to meet. Link here.

I'm drawn to this in a big way!! Yellow, sunshine, shoulders and structured fabric (to hide the wobbly bits)...This! My question will be on the length, It's added to the cart and on a Next Day...Let's see. Link here.

A petite fit contender...This could well hide the sad sack knee situation and still not drown me in fabric. Link here.

Ok, not floral but maybe more longevity than the Summer...? Link here

Do you have a favourite? What have I missed? 

See you at the Polo, Darlings... x


  1. Ooooh, how fun! The yellow is gorgeous and I can definitely see you in it. :)

    T x

    1. Thanks Tara!! I'm drawn to the yellow! xx


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