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It's What Dreams Are Made Of...

Every girl loves dress up, right? Whether it’s Barbie (or Cindy in my case), parties or, in your mum’s wardrobe, dressing up is fun.

My point...? To tell you about the Personal Stylists course I’ve just graduated from with The image Consulting Company.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to learn something new. Maybe a career change, maybe to enhance their current knowledge or, to just follow their passions.
Whatever the reason, to gain benefit, it needs to be a challenge, to test you and your skills. The course did not disappoint. Everyday was different, everyday was hard work yet, so much fun!
I was lucky enough to share the course with 5 other like minded women. All mums from various backgrounds, all with our own reasons for taking the course.

Day 1 - Colour Analysis 
Who knew that there was such a science to wearing the right colours and, how different you can look by wearing the right colours. We were lucky enough to have models on the course, the moment the penny dropped for me was seeing a colour enhance a my clients cheek bones. They rose naturally when she was wearing the right colour for her, who needs make-up!

Colour is a very powerful tool… one I’ve been quite scared of until now.
Day 2 - Body Shapes
Day 2 was by far the hardest day for me…Again, there’s a science to dressing each individual. Certain pieces can look great on one person and not suit another. There’s always so much talk about body shapes and the boxes that society puts you in. We learnt that although there are styling guidelines for various body shapes, each person is an individual and you should work with them to accentuate and dress their own personal shapes. We tried the same looks on several models and they all looked so different. Add this to the colours and you have a lot to consider!

Day 3 - Wardrobe Consultancy 
I loved this day, I loved every day but this day, this was what I needed personally. Those that follow me will likely know I have a walk-in packed to the rafters yet, I sometimes feel like I have nothing to wear *insert audible sigh*…

We worked with wardrobes, talked about how to keep the right items and part with those that we don’t need. We made capsule collections and made outfits out of piles of clothes that hadn’t seen the light of day for sometime. This is something I’ve started to already put into practise in my own space and the difference is amazing. Less is more in my case!

Day 4 - Personal Shopping

Another action packed day with our models at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. We each were given models to take shopping. This sounds easy, especially if you feel like you’re already a pro at shopping…I couldn’t have been more mistaken.
We started by having an in-depth consultation with our models, establishing what they want to achieve during their shop.

Don’t get me wrong, the day was really hard work yet, very rewarding. We put into practise the elements we had learnt during the week so far, there’s a lot to consider when you’re dressing someone else!!

To see outfits come together, to see your model try pieces on that they would have never considered and loving them, that’s the goal!
Day 5 - The Business Bit

If making your passion into your career is the dream then this day, this day is vital.

The whole week was run by Emmeline, founder of The image Consulting Company and go-to for all things styling. Emmeline shared her wealth of experience and knowledge with us, all of which was invaluable. You try cramming 10 years on the ground into 4 days!
The final day was hosted by Niki. Niki really had the graveyard shift, we were all tired and loaded with information yet, she picked us up and spun us into a ball of (stylish) high fives.
If you want firing up with motivation for all walks of your life, to look at your day completely different and to learn how to set goals in the most effective way, this day is what you need, no doubts.


So, this makes me qualified *insert very excited face*... It makes a change to nappy changes, night feeds and has been a welcome creative intervention!

If you fancy this course, or even certain elements of it, whether for fun, for your career or you want to just have a chat about this, then drop me a message .


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