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The Top That Broke My Instagram...

True story.

As regular as clockwork, the doorbell chimed...The courier bringing the fruits of my insomnia driven web procurements.

Usually, I have a quick try on and know exactly the fate of the items... I had ordered this top in several sizes and as I got down to the one that fit, I wasn't 100% on how it fit me. The fabric is slightly more structured than it looks on the pic.

In an unusual twist I took to Instagram for an opinion... Keep or return?

The vote was unanimous (of course, those that maybe didn't like it may have just kept quiet..). 

Anyway, it's a keeper.

If you wanna' grab this top, go quickly! It's sold out a couple of times so if you're size isn't there now, check again in a couple of days as they have been re-stocking. I sized down TWO sizes (and felt a little smug).

Buy here.

Now I just need somewhere to wear it.

Big love x

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