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The Half Way Point...

So here I am, 20 weeks gestation (that's a new word in my vocabulary), my waistline of 2015 is just a distant memory...

I thought I'd share some observations...Things I've learnt so far and a couple of tips I've picked up along the way. 

I promise the raw truth about being preggers and even if you're not planning on having a family, some hints on things you perhaps shouldn't say to a highly hormonal pregnant lady....Ever.

Why now?

Well, 1) It's half way point 2) I had a complete emotional meltdown on Friday (mainly bought on by fuckwits) and it bought a tonne of stuff to the surface. It's ok, I'm laughing about it now, it's perfectly natural anyways* (*source: my Consultant).

Getting dressed, the lesson so far;

  • All the books/apps tell you that you need to invest in new supportive bras towards the end of the first trimester... Don't be me be fooled and rush to the nearest M&S to be told that you have to wear a large (read HUGE) cup bra and that it's all about the comfort (however, the latter is true)... I looked at the immense selection they presented to me, a grand total of FIVE, picked out the advised size and then proceeded to sob in the changing room for 10 minutes at the sheer sight...All I could think was 'dinner lady bra'...Since then, I've sacked this off and gone down the support bra/sports crop route... Thanking my lucky stars that it's still knitwear/layers season.
  • I'm an 'under the bump' gal...This was a whole new world of under/over sagas to me a couple of months ago and I'm decided that, I'm an 'under'. Maybe it's my petite frame, who knows... The over is not doing it for me, at all.  Most maternity jeans/trousers/skirts come with the option of either under or over the bump fit - over just feels a bit frumpy (and that's the last thing we need). Oh and unless you're wearing a silk top (go you if you still are), everything clings to the 'over' fabric.
  • I mentioned in a previous post that maternity wear is a little sparse for those still wanting to keep 'on-trend' and that in fact, sometimes you can just get away with going up a size, or two in standard clothing. This is all very good but be warned, don't wear too big either. Case in point, I bought the next size up in some Topshop maternity jeans thinking "that I'll get some 'good wear outta' them/grow into them fairly soon and live in them" and now, weeks later they still look big on me, which in turn, makes me look bigger (in all the wrong places). There is no excuse for ill-fitting clothes, even if you are a Mama-to-be.
  • It's only natural to want to bulk buy maternity/bigger clothes as soon as you find out.. My advice (from lessons learnt) is that your body is gonna' change, and change quick. You will have no idea which way things are gonna' grow, how and even when. I'll refer you to the 3 pairs of unworn Topshop jeans at the bottom of the denim pile.

The body, the lessons so far; 

  • Good God, nothing prepares you for the randomness that happens in your body, day in and out... As it stands at the moment, my belly button is teasing me with the pop out, the thought of which make me sick a little in my mouth.
  • The glow... I expected glossy long hair pretty much overnight.. I wanted a mirror shine and 3 inches growth per week, please - I'm still waiting for this. As far as my skin goes...well, my face is pretty much falling off daily. The only glow on my face is either a hot flush or, the insane amount of serum I'm applying to stop a complete skin shed by lunchtime.
  • Heartburn is vile. Waitrose chocolate milkshake helps.
  • Your body sprouts random hairs...They soon disappear again but be on guard.
  • Everyone will try and guess what you are having based on how you are 'carrying weight'... My advice on this is steer well clear... As a receiver of such observations, comments such as "That's definitely a girl, you're carrying on your hips and ass". In my head I heard - "Holy crap, you've piled on the weight on your hips and ass and should probably consider wide load stickers and some of them orange flashing lights..."
  • The blog/Insta photos you see aren't necessarily one shot wonders...(or even 1 in 20 for that matter)...You have ZERO control over what your body is doing week to week... for instance, my thighs DID NOT get the stay slim memo, even though I'm chucking in hill walks on the treadmill every other night.
  • When you need to wee, you need to wee.
  • If you need to Google "Pregnant - feel like I've been horse riding bare back for days" then surprisingly, you won't be on your own (someone else had done it before me) and secondly, you are likely suffering from SPD. Basically, your pelvis is separating...'triffic. This is not that common, I'm cursed with hyper mobility so, more common. If you have symptoms like this then let your midwife know and they'll help you out with physio etc.

What not to say to a pregnant lady;

  • Everyone has a story... Everyone has a 'friend'... Sometimes, you just don't need stories 'cause, if you are anything like me, your anxieties will hold on to the doom and gloom and then BOOM, when you least expect it, you recall the story of "Sarah's aunties sister's next door neighbours' boss who had to get sewn from ear to ear..." Nice. Thanks.
  • Are you sure it's not two...Yep, even said in a jovial manner.. this is not great to hear 'cos 1) It's implying that you look like you're carrying for two or 2) In my case (and many others), you have had IVF and had two eggs implanted but nature decided that only one (one very damn strong one) was going to work and really, you don't want reminding that one of the precious little eggs, didn't make it. Raw, but true.
  • Don't make remarks about the emotional behaviour of a pregnant woman (even in jest) when aforementioned  pregnant woman is stood there. We are emotional and will plead that in Court should we get kick ass violent on you. You've been warned. 

Please do not read  any of this in a negative manner, my Mum once said to me that carrying a baby is an honour and I truly believe that...Feeling the first kicks (easily mistaken for wind FYI until you know), seeing scans, they all bring me to HAPPY tears. We have been trying for a long time and I appreciate every emotional second!

One last chunk of wisdom to leave you with... During my teeny tiny meltdown on Friday (did I mention it was in the Consultants room...?!), she mentioned a book that I should read... If you have been or are pregnant, you're probably bump deep in books etc but this one, this is LOL funny and although I'm just a quarter of the way though, I can HIGHLY recommend it - The Best Friends Guide To Pregnancy


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