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When I'd planned to show you my 'sensible' shoe purchase this week, these darling Nike Cortez weren't even a glint in my eye... 

No fear, the others will feature soon but for now, have been totally trumped by the burgundy and gold delights of the old skool Cortez!

(Yes to retro sneaks making a return for my pregnancy, yes!)

The Cortez caught my eye (for the first time since the 90's) over on the incredible HoneyBelles instagram page and since then, been on and off the wish list, until I saw these in GOLD at the weekend. 

The metallic sneaker is very now, maybe too now for my basic capsule maternity wardrobe... That thought process lead me to these.


If you are cursed blessed with teeny size 3 trotters like I, you won't find the gold version I'm afraid  as it only goes down to a UK 4 however, the burgundy go down to a UK 2!! 

Buy the gold here, the burgundy here and some incredible yellow (so very Spring) here.

Don't be surprised with the volume of 'new shoes'  posts coming over the next trimester few weeks... It's all that's guaranteed to fit me through the Spring and Summer.

Finally, I thought I'd share some Baby G related news occasionally...Today's point is that I truly thought that "Baby Brain" was a myth....This is not the case...;

Exhibit A - Washing up place mats and cutlery and finding them in the fridge.
Exhibit B - Popping a tea bag directly into the kettle to make a cup of tea.
Exhibit C - Dropping a pee sample at the health centre and not labelling it... There's now unidentified pee being tested and I have to start all over again.

This is just a snap shot...there's way more and it's only Wednesday.




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