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That Bag Though...

A real attention seeker.

The bag and I met across a freshly stocked Zara store in Tenerife...I actually said to PG..."if you weren't here, I'd buy that."

(Not usually one to shy away from a purchase but based on 1) I'd just found out how much you get paid on maternity and 2) The fresh leather of the recently procured  Gucci Bamboo was slung across my body at the time...)

Half an hour later (after a complete changing room fail), I returned to said bag that had plagued my mind and, just out of curiosity, had a look at the price tag.... 29.99 Euros!!!! 

10 seconds later....Mentally found room in the suitcase and handed over credit card in exchange for the bag.

In the 2 weeks since it landed on our shores, it's been a hit - it gets regular affection and has been worth every Euro.

Get the bag here.

The bag a couple of weeks ago in it's homeland.

Dress; Last season, very similar here.
Shoes; Last year, very similar here.
Bump; 50% bread and olives, 50% BabyG.

Back in the real world 
In cooler climates today...

Double breasted jacket; Old Zara, similar here
Denim shirt; Last season Zara, similar here
Jeans; Maternity here and regular here
Converse High Tops; Buy here

This is a definite "Get it or regret it' piece.



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  1. Love it! (As you know)
    Works perf dressed up or down....winning :)


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