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It's Sooo Last Year...

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?

You may have noticed that in the last few months, I've been some what sporadic (some would say AWOL) on Mission;Style....? If you follow me over on Instagram then you'll already have half a clue as to why 1) The blog posts have been lacking 2) I look like I've swallowed a watermelon but in fact, we have very exciting news that came in the form of this announcement on Christmas Eve...

Yep, PG and I are 18 weeks (and 2 days if you're counting) into pregnancy and apart from a pretty crazy start, all is now really good - I'm actually loving' it. Who wouldn't love not having to breathe in for every waking hour anymore??

For those of you wondering where Mission;Style is going now.... 
Well, the plan is to start back with the outfit posts which, won't be filled with elasticated waists and nursing bras (WTF??!!! It's a good job we are married/it would be too expensive to divorce me). 

Of course, the clothing choice for me right now is a little TOTALLY limited but, I will still be dedicating time to swooning over the rails of 'New In' and sharing looks and buys that you MUST have. 

That said, it wouldn't be right to not share my first observations (and complete generalisation) of Maternity wear..;

Limited choice.

There appears to be 3 'decent' retailers on the High Street.

I say High Street, in the main, only 2 of the above carry any stock in stores and that, is limited.

The fabric is poor to flammable in 50% of items in other retailers.

Limited choice.

ONE retailer caters for petite pregnant women - the tailoring bill is growing as fast as the bump.

The sizing is whack - in one store I'm currently a 6 maternity and another 10...

Limited choice.

It appears, in some cases, you can just buy bigger sizes of 'normal' clothes (Ignoring that I nearly had to get cut out of a size 10 dress in the Topshop changing room on Thursday - true story).

I'm going to concentrate on a basic capsule wardrobe and just add fabulous pieces.... Starting with the latest purchase here.

If you have any recommendations or tips to share with me on maternity shopping then please feel free!!! 

Oh oh and if you're interested... The knee length boots in the first pic are last season however, there's some very similar here  or on sale here - both of which are a great investment. The jeans are maternity here however, you all need a grey pair and these are the perfect pair. If you fancy getting creative with the word banners that I can't recommend this one enough, you can write what you want and change it as often as you like - perfect for every occasion!!

So there it is, first post...DONE.

This week I'll be sharing two of my most recent and very favourite shoe buys - both incredible, one maybe slightly impractical (according to my Mum).

Thanks for waiting for me! 


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