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POTW - The Pull & Bear Metallic Sandals...

This weeks 'Piece of the Week' should actually be called Piece of the...'I've Been Searching All Year For You'!! 

I feel like I've been searching for the perfect summer sandal For.Ever. 

I'm not opposed to 'slides' and even the odd 'ugly' … They are the sort of thing I love on others, they just aren't me…. I guess knowing what works for you is half the battle/fun, right?

So today (on another sunny Sunday - how amaze!!), I've busted out my new Pull and Bear metallic sandals to break them in ready for my jollies!! 

These beauties are also available in white… the likely hood of you seeing them on my trotters soon is VERY HIGH!

Buy the sandals here.
Bag - Mulberry Cecily Flower (last season)
Jeans - Verrrry old Diesel jeans
Tank - That one I picked up yesterday from & Other Stories! Buy here.
Bracelet - Again, the one from yesterdays haul at & Other Stories.

*A massive thanks to Sam who gave up his Sunday afternoon to shoot this weeks POTW!!*

Lastly…(don't get bored of me)… A HUGE thank you to everyone who has voted for me in the Company Style Blogger Awards - I really appreciate it!! 

If you haven't voted and you enjoy reading (nosing at what I've been buying), I'd love it if you could take 2 minutes to vote - all the deets are here.

Bye for now! 


  1. Totally totally in love with these shoes...they are hot hot hot....bit like you really :)
    Hmmmm...that top looks familiar btw!!!!

    PS WTF? You've got a photographer now? I need one!!!!

    1. Thanks sweets ;-) I need the note ones NOW!!

      I love this top!

      PS Might have… ;-) x

  2. LOVE those sandals. Wasn't it a gorgeous day - another warm week !

    1. Thank you, a great bargain buy too!! I LOVE this weather x

  3. You look great and those sandals look super expensive and chic. H xx

    1. Thank you ;-) They do look expensive don't they… when I picked them up and flipped the label over it was one of those rare amazing moments!! x


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