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Pre Holiday Essentials...

Did someone say HOLIDAY!!!?

Last week I got a lovely email from the team at Click Fragrance asking if I'd like to review some products…*thinks for a second* 


Thinking that this would be an easy task I clicked on their link….BOOM !! Click Fragrance stock so much that I was massively spoilt for choice (and totally surprised I've never come across them before)… After 45 minutes I finally narrowed it down and sent a huge list back, noting I'd be happy with any of them, especially with the holibobs looming and the need for new products ASAP!

Generally, I'm not a big product person… Well, I am/was… A few years ago after falling for the "This mascara/foundation/shampoo will change your life and you'll look like the flawless model" too many times,  I kinda' vowed to stop buying in to all this and stick to the good quality products I know and trust - Boring maybe, more to spend on shoes, definitely! 

So anyways, (with the pending trip in mind) I needed some new products and these were the two I went for!! 

Christian Dior Capture Totale Tinted Moisturiser...

I'm not big on foundation…I like a product that's easy to use, slaps on evenly (with my fingers, I'm so basic) and gives a good coverage - all with minimum faff!!

This Christian Dior tinted moisturiser is amazing, light, got built in SPF20 (a must!) and easy to apply - WINNER!! Click Fragrance stock both shades online - buy here. I went with #2 Golden Radiance for my holiday skin tone.

I've had a little shop about too and this is at least £10 cheaper than the High Street!!!

Shiseido Expert Sun Anti-Aging Protection Lotion SPF30...

Perfect perfect, perfect!! Of course, I totally need lotion right now so I'm made up with this. Unfortunately, I've not been afforded the time to try it out for real during all this amazing sunshine this week although, I've opened it up just to have a try… It's not too thick or greasy and goes on reallllly well - Again, perf!!

I've done some research and again, this is way cheaper (£9!!!) on Click Fragrance than on the High Street - Buy here. (Ohhhhh and it smells divine too!) 

To be honest, I'm actually considering sacking off Duty Free and hauling on here - fragrance heaven and actually, for Mr Mission;Style I noticed that they also stock the much sought after Abercrombie & Fitch scents!

You can follow @click_fragrance on Twitter for discount codes and offers too! 

What are your favourite holiday products? Am I the only one who didn't know that genuine products were available cheaper than on the High Street?


  1. Thanks for the info Karen, have followed on Twitter. Oh, and have a fab holiday!

  2. Do you not wear foundation?
    Your skin looks A-M-A-Z-E given this factoid (I'm smothered in the stuff, natch).

    Luvin' the look of this Dior....might be the only thing I've never tested on the back on my hand in Boots...
    I'm off for a try...and then straight back on to Click Fragrance!! (soz Boots).

    Hope the packing is going good.....have a siiccckkkkk time :))


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