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A Life Changer...

…..I'm serious…I'm that shallow!

Last week my lovely blogging buddy Belle posted a picture of her 'done' nails on her Facebook page…If you follow bloggers on any form of social media, you'll know that this kinda' stuff isn't new and for me, it's way off anywhere I'm EVER gonna' be so, I tend to scroll right over them! 

The thing is, I'm notoriously naff at nails and for this reason, I spend a lot of dollar on Shellac…I crave the shiny, 'just did', smooth neatness yet, whenever I try to paint my nails at home I go 'outside the lines' , it's patchy, seems to never get further than the 'touch dry' stage and chips the very next day…UNTIL NOW!!! 

**Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish Enters Stage Left**

This polish goes on really well, it appears to be self levelling, which means no visible brush strokes and patchiness annnnnnnd, 24 hours on and not one chip or sign of lifting! 

The Math...
£20-£25 Shellac every 2 weeks V's. £14 for a whole bottle of varnish = We.Have.A.Winner.

I bought this from ASOS in last weeks huge haul (they had a sale, what was I meant to do)…This one is Porchester Square - buy here! They have 6 shades at ASOS and as soon as I can get myself to an actual 'real' shop, I'm hunting down more…there has to be more colours?! 

As a FYI - I also whacked on this little lot..;

Base coat 'Restoration' from Jessica Nails - I do have 'peely' nails naturally…(Oh Joy!)

It's not actually wonky...
and the Nails Inc Top Coat…

Have you tried it this yet?
What do you think - are you sold?


  1. Ohhh, thats a really pretty shade. *toddles off to ASOS* - Karen, you're a terrible influence!


  2. Yay! Woo!
    I love being shallow :)

    It deffo doesn't chip as much as normal polish fo' shizz.....but for maintaining the extra shine T bought a gel topcoat by No.7 which she rates :))

    QVC have got duos for £19 (but only in the bright shades)
    Or there's the Elle gift card thingy (although with P&P I'm not sure there's much of a saving)

    In any event....we need to get 'em all :)))

    PS Gonna hit you up with some Breton links when I get a min

  3. Ooh this looks good. I have super chippy nails. It is a complete pain and shellac knackers my real nails. I use protein to strengthen mine. This is a good price if it stays put for longer that a couple of days. x


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