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POTW...The Zara Corset Boot...

Although these aren't strictly 'new' this week, it would be an injustice not to feature them on POTW!!

If you peruse fash type blogs, it is likely you would have already met the Zara corset boot...I first saw them in leopard print in the summer sale and really busted to find them yet sadly, one failed!! You can imagine my jubilation when the black version dropped 8 weeks ago...

...That was until I went to try them on... I have had THREE failed attempts at trying to get my (not particularly porky) feet into these, even once in Oz with Andrea's assistance! Initially, the laces are degree level, for sure but... on my FOURTH and final attempt I gave more patience, knowing that this was IT or, walk away forEVER!

I have worn them a few times already, loving that they are;
1) Very versatile for dressing up/down 
2) Beyond comfortable (I would not lie about this kinda' serious stuff)!!!
Here we have them, starting with last nights outfit...;
Dinner & Drinks...

Jeans - Zara (an Oz purchase), no link fo these.
Cami - Topshop, buy here.
Shirt - Zara Studio Top with open back, buy here.
Clutch - Michael Kors, Slema (as featured in the POTW here)
HEELS - Zara, buy here.

Mid week dinner date...


Topshop have some gorgeous ones in right now too...;
Buy them here!
Anyone else wrestled to get these on the first time? Have you invested in the corset heel?


  1. Love love love the shoes.....(natch)

    And J'adore the double-layering tops an' all :)


    1. MWAH!!

      Yeah, you know, I am into this double layering thing...Ta chuck x

  2. In love with these shoes !!

    1. I know, they are amazing!! I'm living in them ;-) x


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