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POTW - Primark Leopard Print Heels...

1) I LOVE leopard print heels
2) There's no nicer feeling knowing you've got a bargain
3) My lovely friend Liz, is a LEGEND!

I featured these heels 3 months ago on the Primark (you know what's coming now) AW Preview post. Since then, I have scoured all available Primark's to bag me some of these, without joy! That was until the aforementioned Liz called me a couple of weeks ago from Primark at Lakeside...She'd clocked that I loved them them on here, found my size and was ready to check out with them!!! WHAT.A.DARLING!

The shoes are part of a 'limited edition' range by Atmosphere so I'm guessing that's why they were hard to track down. If you are off to Google them (once finishing up here, of course), the code on the bottom was 07-02-02, 7316816 and they cost £24 - Yeah, high level Primark pricing, well worth every penny though! 
Veins are NOT included (ewwww)

I'm a huge fan of the colour pop in these heels!
Betcha' can't tell which photo's I took with my new fancy camera...?! (Ignoring the fact i have the phone in my hand below..)
New POTW worn today with..;

Leather look trousers - Miss Selfridge
The biggest, snuggest jumper, EVER - 'Vintage'... this did belong to a family member who would be made up to see this (and love the heels)..
Watch - Michael Kors

What do you think?! Liz did GOOD!

Last up and, for the super observant... Notice anythiiiiing different about Mission;Style...? Do ya'? How fab is the blog make-over I've had?! A massive THANK YOU to the incredibly efficient/patient/creative Jen over at Magic Feather Designs!!! 
Mission;Style is more interactive now! You can click on the tabs right at the top and follow me (or just below here on the icons), you can sign up for email notifications, you can change the language, read top posts, look through the post archives or, just sit and stare at the Instagram feed of continually changes pictures up on the top right hand side!! 
I've started to add in details of the blogs I follow and there's even a little bit about me and how to get in touch too!

I hope you like the all new shiny Mission;Style!

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